1. Pakistani Officials Discuss Afghanistan With UN Special Coordinator

2. Pakistan advocates expansion of UN Peacebuilding Commission’s activities to Afghanistan, Kashmir

3. Shaheen to UN: Lift travel ban on IEA officials

4. Afghanistan: UN Assessment Should Prioritize Rights

5. Dozens killed as flash floods hit Afghanistan and Pakistan

6. DABS Says It Collected 37 Billion Afs in Past Year

7. Exclusive: Audit fails to win U.S. backing for release of Afghan central-bank funds

8. WFP Cuts Aid to 8 Million Food-Insecure People Due to Funding Shortfall

9. Haqqani: Efforts Underway to Find Solution for Girls’ Schooling

10. TiKA Provides Support For Education in Afghanistan

Middle East

11. Iran kicks off air force drill as US sends more fighter planes to the region

12. Iraq expels Sweden ambassador, embassy stormed over Quran burning

13. Turkish defense firms showcase new systems for air defense, ground ops

14. After Qatar talks, France sees chance to develop defence partnership

15. ​ Turkey supports Palestinian cause in ‘strongest way’, Erdogan says in meeting with Abbas

16. UN told Israel turns Palestinian territory into outdoor prison

17. Syria still mired in division, top UN envoy tells Security Council

18. Mass graves discovered in Darfur as Egypt hosts Sudan summit


19. ​ Iran signs agreements with Zimbabwe as Raisi wraps up Africa tour

20. Russia May Build Satellite Data Receiving Station in South Africa

21. Wildfires Kill 25 in Algeria as Heatwave Sweeps North Africa

22. Protests in Tunisia mark two years since presidential power grab