1.Qatar Urges West to Engage with Current Afghan Govt
 2.Pakistan, Militants Pause Afghan-Hosted Peace Talks for Internal Discourse Amid Cautious Optimism
 3.Thomas West Meets Afghan Politicians, Civil Society in Istanbul
4. Pakistan Ambassador Addresses Trade Issues With Afghanistan
5. Dushanbe meeting calls for stable Afghanistan
6.  US withdrawal prompted collapse of Afghan army: Report
7.  Iran and Tajikistan Stress the Formation of an Inclusive Government in Afghanistan
8.Islamabad, TTP agree on indefinite ceasefire
9.Government rejects radar at Kabul airport is inactive
10.Afghan authorities urged to address serious human rights challenges
11.Blasts in Kabul mosque, north Afghanistan, kill at least 14
12.Afghanistan dispatch: unaccompanied women now banned from public transport
13.Sharif calls for unfreezing of Afghan reserves
14.Global Monitors Decry Disappearance of 2 Journalists in Afghanistan
Middle East
15.Erdogan: Turkey’s Syria operation could happen ‘suddenly’
16. Pakistan Says Saudi Arabia, Dubai Won’t Lend Without IMF Deal
17. Lebanese parliament reelects longtime speaker in first session
18. Palestine PM says Israeli flag march ‘crossed all red lines’
19. NATO: Turkey says Sweden, Finland should amend laws if needed
20.PM Shehbaz Sharif sets $5bn target for trade with Turkey
21. Iraqi deadlock continues with elites unable to form government
22. Russia’s Lavrov to meet GCC ministers in Riyadh on Wednesday, say officials
23. Spain, UK say Russian influence in Africa threatens NATO security
24. Famine risk worsens in Horn of Africa
25. Senegal hospital fire: Eleven newborn babies die in Tivaouane
26. FAO ramps up support to Sudan farmers as starvation threat grows in East Africa
27. US suspends Abraham Accords assistance to Sudan
28. Africa warns of food crisis due to Russian blockade of Ukraine’s ports
29. Europe looks to Africa for energy security