1. Taliban, Pakistan Reach Settlement on TTP Members’ Relocation to Northern Afghanistan
2. Islamic Emirate Delegation Attends Meeting on Afghanistan in Norway
3. At least 11 killed in Afghanistan mosque explosion
4. India Sends More Wheat to Afghanistan Via Chabahar
5. The Growing Threat of the Islamic State in Afghanistan and South Asia

6. Iran and Afghanistan dispute Helmand water rights as climate change deepens crisis
7. Security forces discover arms, ammunition in N. Afghanistan
8. ‘We should be scared’: the poisoning of schoolgirls in Afghanistan

Middle East

9. ​Sheikh Mohamed, Erdogan hail progress in UAE-Turkey relations
10. Iran, Venezuela eye trade increase, sign petrochemical deal
11. Iraq, US Talks Lead to ‘Substantial’ Iran Gas Dues Arrangementsp
12. UAE and Turkey leaders meet as trade hits $103bn in past decade
13. ​Syria: ‘Unprecedented funding crisis’ means cuts for 2.5 million in need, warns WFP
14. Saudi Arabia, China’s tourists and Sino-Saudi relations
15. Egypt toughens visa rules for Sudanese nationals fleeing war
16. Analysis: Lebanon’s Hezbollah mobilises to block IMF’s Azour for presidencyp


17. Sudan conflict: The stories of survival from Bahri and Khartoum
18. Ethiopia says food aid suspension ‘punishes millions’
19. S Africa sends hundreds of firefighters to Canada
20. Kenya wants MLA for Sharif’s murder probe, SC told