1. UNAMA Releases Report on Impact of IEDs on Civilians in Afghanistan\
2. UN: Islamic State-Led Violence Kills 1,000 Civilians in Taliban-Run Afghanistan
3. Over 1,000 Afghan civilians killed since Taliban takeover: UN
4. Potzel Calls for National Dialogue in Afghanistan
5. Taliban Leader Claims Women Have A ‘Comfortable And Prosperous Life’ In Afghanistan
6. Taliban Flaunts Terrorism Commitments by Appointing al-Qaida-Affiliated Governors
7. Turkmenistan-Pakistan Gas Transport Via Afghanistan Allowed by Kabul
8. Educated But Unemployed Youth Say They Will Need to Leave the Country
9. Afghan women being provided ‘comfortable’ lives: Taliban chief
10. IEA seeks positive interaction with the world: Kabir

Middle East

11. Saudi Arabia: Hajj pilgrimage draws 1.8 million pilgrims
12. Seven Iranians released from Qatar prisons return home: Envoy
13. Foreign Intel: Iran Close To Testing First Nuke
14. Syrian survivors of enforced disappearance call on UN for justice
15. ​Peace and security issues in Yemen – Improving governance and mitigating conflict: a civil society-led approach
16. Rescue ship saves 86 migrants off Libyan coast: charity
17. Qatar emir talks to Putin after Wagner mutiny in Russia
18. PM Netanyahu says invited to China, with US-Israel ties tense


19.  South Africa Looks to China to Shed Light on Power Crisis
20.  Exclusive: Islamists wield hidden hand in Sudan conflict, military sources say
21.  A-Gas recovers 6 tonnes of R22 from Mauritius
22. Zimbabwe’s Gold-Backed Digital Token Won’t Fix the Country’s Currency Woes, Economists Say