1. ​Over 800 goods vehicles cross into Afghanistan as Torkham border reopens
2. Will China’s latest investment in Afghanistan actually work?
3. Poor U.S. planning in Afghanistan helped Taliban take over, watchdog says
4. Taliban claim killing key Daesh/ISIS leader in Afghanistan
5. Iran Hands Over Afghan Embassy in Tehran to Taliban
6. Restrictions on Afghan Women Discussed at UN
7. Future Dims for Woman Studying Journalism in Afghanistan
8. Watchdog report faults Pentagon for problems that led to 2021 collapse of Afghan security forces
9. Regional connectivity via Uzbekistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-Railway Corridor
10. In Kabul talks, Pakistan and Afghanistan discuss growing threat of TTP, ISKP

Middle East



​​Facing tragedy, Turkey mends ties with Greece and Armenia


Brazil allows two Iranian warships to dock in Rio despite US pressure


Anniversary of Pak-Kuwait diplomatic relations marked
14. India explores energy, defense engagements with Oman
15. WFP chief describes ‘apocalyptic’ post-quake landscape in Syria, Türkiye
16. Egypt’s foreign minister to visit Syria, Turkiye on Monday
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