1. UNESCO: 75% of Afghan Girls Denied Education, Facing Bleak Future
2. Muttaqi: Foreign Ministry Has 38 Offices Abroad
3. Senior Taliban official expresses hope for cordial Pak-Afghan relations in meeting with envoy
4. UN announces job opportunities for over 16,000 women in Afghanistan
5. Afghan NGO launches education TV channel to support schoolgirls in Afghanistan
6. Switzerland Donates Over $1.5 Million to Afghanistan
7. New Delhi Expresses Willingness for Engagement with Islamic Emirate
8. Afghanistan’s population stands at almost 35 million: NSIA
9. Afghanistan aid will be reviewed for transparency: US
10. Afghanistan’s future depends on meaningful participation of men and women: Karzai


11. Blinken pledges $100 million to fund Haiti police mission
12. Rwanda’s President agrees to meet Felix Tshisekedi over eastern Congo crisis
13. Pirates seize control of cargo ship near Somalia, say owners
14. Nigeria school abductions: More pupils snatched as army hunts for missing
15. Food aid for Sudanese refugees in Chad could end next month, WFP says
16. Ugandan court backs government’s refusal to register LGBT organisation
17.  Sudan’s military regains control of TV and radio headquarters from RSF after intense fighting

Middle East

18. Switzerland to try Syria’s Rifaat al-Assad for war crimes

19. China, Iran and Russia stage joint naval drills in Gulf of Oman

20. Govt vows to boost trade with Iran

21. Israel-Gaza war: David Cameron says BBC report into Nasser hospital raid ‘very disturbing’

22. Egypt Says Land Sale, IMF Accord Will Ease Budget Problems

23. Red Sea Crisis: US Carries Out Six ‘Self-Defence’ Strikes Against Houthi Targets

24. 10 Jihadists Killed In Iraq Anti-IS Operation, Army Says

25. Pakistani Non-Profit Hopes IT Initiative Will Open Doors To Tech Opportunities In Saudi Arabia