1. Pakistani bikes rev up their way to Afghan market
2. Pakistan’s Exports to Afghanistan increased by 32%
3. Taliban launches annual polio vaccination drive in Afghanistan
4. Pakistan faces terrorism surge post-Afghan war
5. Afghanistan Coffers Swell as Taliban Taxman Collects
6. Pakistan Suffers Record Terror-Related Deaths, Afghanistan Registers 58% Drop
7. UN: Afghanistan is world’s most repressive country for women
8. Blast In Afghanistan’s Balkh Province Kills One, Injures 5 |
9. Iran, Uzbek Foreign Ministers Discuss Afghanistan
10. Republican-Led Criticism Mounts of US Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Middle East

11. Bashar al-Assad seizes his chance for a comeback after Syrian earthquake
12. Has Yemen’s government been sidelined after Saudi-Iran deal?
13. Iran and Saudi Arabia agree to restore ties after China-brokered talks
14. Senior Türkiye, US officials discuss bilateral ties in Washington meeting
15. Why US troops remain in Iraq 20 years after ‘shock and awe’
16. Expats criticise Egypt’s attempts to gain investment
17. UN envoy to Libya calls for agreement on elections
18. News Analysis: What historic Saudi-Iran deal means for Pakistan
19. Israel was built on burned Palestinian villages


20. ​South Africa’s long wait for justice over apartheid crimes
21. Watchdog ‘clears’ South Africa’s Ramaphosa in cover-up scandal
22. Cyclone Freddy: Rare and deadly storm to hit Mozambique again
23. Vice-President Kamala Harris to visit Africa in latest U.S. outreach
24. Group of young Africans attend technology training workshop in China