1. OIC Meeting Participants Call for Support of Afghanistan
2. Afghan govt decides against sending FM Muttaqi to OIC summit in Islamabad
3.Afghanistan: Taliban Threaten Revenge Killings
4. ‘One day to enjoy’: Economy woes dampen Afghan Nowruz celebration
5.  Afghanistan world’s unhappiest country, even before Taliban
6.  Crypto provides fix for some in crisis-hit Afghanistan
7.Parents of Reuters photographer killed in Afghanistan start legal action against Taliban
8.UN votes to secure formal presence in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan
9.Afghanistan’s former finance minister is now Uber driver in Washington DC
10.Afghanistan: Vote on Draft Resolution on UNAMA’s Mandate
11.The Taliban closes Afghan girls’ schools hours after reopening
12.Taliban release three Afghan journalists after media crackdown

Middle East

13.Saudi Arabia welcomes ‘positive points’ in Lebanese PM statement
14.Egypt, UAE, Israel leaders meet for first ever three-way summit
15.Relationship between Pakistan and OIC countries remains strong and robust, says Pakistan envoy
16.Syria using maze of shell companies to avoid sanctions on Assad regime’s elite
17.Highlights of 48th OIC-CFM inaugural session
18.Turkish authorities warn against drifting mines in Black Sea
19.Ukrainian refugees, Russian exiles seek shelter in Turkey
20.Erdoğan asks EU to relaunch membership negotiations
21.Pakistan asks Iran to open another trade gate at border
22.Qatar to help Germany cut reliance on Russian gas, says minister
23.US issues sanctions on Sudan’s police over protest crackdown
24.Starving to death: Somalia’s worst drought in decades raises fears of famine
25.What explains food price hikes in Kenya. And what should be done
26.Coronavirus – Ivory Coast: Expanding COVID-19 vaccination in Cote d’Ivoire