1. Afghanistan Exported $1.8 Billion in Goods in Past 7 Months
2. Afghanistan Among Countries with Most Displaced People
3. Former US-Trained Afghan Commandos Recruited by Russia, Iran
4. Afghanistan: Taliban reveal Mullah Omar’s burial place
5. Afghanistan registered trade surplus with Pakistan: report


Nations Request the Lifting of Restrictions on Women in Afghanistan
7. US Chargé d’Affaires to Afghanistan Visits Pakistan to Discuss Afghan Refugees
8. Many Afghan Refugees Are Still Without a Place to Call Home
9. Retrograde review – extraordinary insider’s view of US withdrawal from Afghanistan
10. Trade with Pakistan: Afghanistan records $79m surplus

Middle East



China, Saudi Arabia to provide $13bn financial package: Dar


Saudi Arabia commits $2.5 bln to Middle East green initiative – Crown Prince


How a rule change helped Netanyahu win Israel’s elections
14. Cop27 wifi in Egypt blocks human rights and key news websites
15. UAE ranks among top 25 countries for global talent
16. Iran’s embattled currency plunges to historic lows amid protests
17. Japan Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs visits Iraq’s Baghdad, Basra
18. Terrorist attack kills two Turkish soldiers in northern Iraq
19. Turkey warns Finland, Sweden must ‘take steps’ before NATO approval


20. ‘No to military coup’: Sudanese forces fire tear gas at protesters
21. Ethiopian and Tigray Forces Launch Hotline as New Peace Talks Begin
22. US$20 million Grant to Help Djibouti Mitigate Food Security Risks Resulting from Multiple Crises and Climate Change
23. Kenya Discloses Part of Secret Railway Contract With China