1. Afghan Private News TV Channel Ceases Operation Due to ‘Pressures’
2. Muttaqi Calls on World to Engage with Islamic Emirate
3. Women Hold Protest for Right to Learn and Work
4. Torkham terminal to be ready next year: officials
5. US to act unilaterally against terrorist threats from Afghanistan


Russia recruiting US-trained Afghan commandos for Ukraine: Report
7. ICC chief prosecutor authorized to resume Afghan war crimes probe
8. Poppy cultivation in Afghanistan up by 32pc: UN
9. How Pakistan lost potential Afghan investments
10. Pakistan Clears Way for Barter Trade With Iran, Afghanistan

Middle East



Algeria hosts first Arab League summit since normalisation deals with Israel


Lebanon’s outgoing president leaves behind power vacuum, slams judiciary, political opponents


Yemen: Tragedy of children killed by bad medicine sends chills through sick patients
14. Saudi Arabia may cut crude prices for Asia for Dec cargoes
15. Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh agree to establish joint business council
16. Analysis: What’s behind Iran’s alleged drone deal with Russia?
17. Iran’s IRGC seizes vessel carrying 11 million litres of fuel
18. Putin says Turkish gas hub can easily be set up, reveals pipeline damage details
19. OPEC+ ‘only a phone call away’ if markets need balancing – UAE minister


20. ​Nigeria floods: ‘Overwhelming’ disaster leaves more than 600 people dead
21. To save its economy, Sudan needs civilian rule
22. Djibouti, with IAEA Support, Opens Observatory to Monitor Climate Change Impacts
23. Can peace talks end the conflict in Ethiopia?