1. Pakistan Says Afghan Suicide Bomber Attacked Military Convoy

2. Afghanistan Embassy in India “Permanently” Closed: Statement

3. ‘Unregulated’ movement of Afghans impeding progress against polio, says Sindh health minister

4. Afghans fight drought with small dams as Taliban shut out of COP28

5. Islamabad demands Kabul to act against anti-Pakistan groups

6. Kyrgyzstan’s 100-ton food aid delivery to Afghanistan earthquake victims

7. Afghans can’t fund electoral candidates

8. Zabiullah Mujahid: Kabul Committed to Water Rights Treaty With Iran

9. Regional Engagement Called For at Herat Security Dialogue

Middle East

10. Syria says an Israeli airstrike hit the Damascus airport and put it out of service

11. Israel Gaza: 33 Palestinians released on fourth day of truce

12. US Navy thwarts seizure of Israel-linked cargo ship

13. Saudi Arabia implements stringent visa rules for foreign domestic workers

14. Erdogan wants Turkey, Iran to take a ‘united stand’ against Israel’s ‘brutality’

15. Pakistan, UAE sign ‘historic’ MoUs worth ‘multi-billion dollars’

16. UAE President receives Qatari Emir’s invitation to participate in GCC Summit

17. Iran finalises deal to buy Russian fighter jets – Tasnim


18. Somalia joins East African Community

19. Eleven people killed in accident at platinum mine in South Africa

20. Shots fired over the Nile in Khartoum, atrocities reported in Darfur

21. South Africa’s logistics crisis: lion’s share of economy at risk