1. Taliban suspend Afghan consular services in Vienna and London for lack of transparency, coordination

2. Four UK citizens freed from detention in Afghanistan

3. Do not turn away from Afghanistan, says global Red Cross

4. 6.3 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Part of Western Afghanistan

5. Taliban Deny Claims They Are Trying to Join Hamas on the Battlefield

6. Pakistan says its planned deportation of 1.7 million Afghan migrants will be ‘phased and orderly’

7. UN warns Pakistan that forcibly deporting Afghans could lead to severe human rights violations

8. Mullah Baradar: We Want Positive Relations With Neighbors

9. Islamic Emirate Establishes Commission for Afghan Refugees’ Return


10. 35 Aid Team Arrived in Herat to Help Earthquake-Affected People: Spokesman

Middle East

11. Erdogan says Turkey will ramp up diplomacy in Israeli-Palestinian conflict

12. Qatar mediates opening of Gaza-Israel crossing as protests end

13. UAE calls Hamas attacks on Israel a ‘serious and grave escalation’

14. UAE and Georgia sign Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement

15. ​ Israel-Palestine war: Entire families killed as Israel pounds sealed-off Gaza

16. Under heavy bombing, Palestinians in Gaza move from place to place, only to discover nowhere is safe

17. Saudi Arabia shows interest in investment

18. Syria accused of ‘pervasive’ torture in first global case over civil war


19. ​ ​Nigeria Reforms Underpin Stronger Economic Growth, IMF Says

20. Sudan war spreading as death toll tops 9,000

21. Zimbabwe turns gold-backed digital token into payment method

22. Uganda suspends operations at Chinese-operated oilfield