1. Announcement of Visa Restrictions in Response to the Repression of Women and Girls in Afghanistan
2. ‘Anti-Afghan Taliban’ police officer shot dead in Quetta
3. UK Parliament Report Focuses on Afghan Economy Under Islamic Emirate
4. Afghanistan is Candidate for UN Human Rights Council: Faiq
5. Niklasson calls for increased aid for Afghans
6. Taliban have entered a new phase of their media war with the closure of two major Afghan news websites
7. Bombing of mosque at Afghan interior ministry kills 4
8. Centre fears TTP attacks amid stalemate in talks
9. In Afghanistan, The Few Foreign Journalists Who Remain Need Lots Of Permits, And Even More Patience – Special Report
10. Residents of Demolished Houses in Kabul Demand Compensation From City
11. Pakistan army contingent leaves for Qatar to provide World Cup security
12. Putin may meet Erdogan to discuss idea of Russia-West talks, Kremlin says
13. The UAE’s approach to climate change ensures everyone’s a winner
14. Russian, US troops in Syria share ‘rare moment’ of congeniality
15. Israel and Lebanon agree ‘historic’ maritime border deal, US says
16. A failed truce renewal in Yemen could further complicate US-Saudi relations
17. Egypt’s climate activists fear consequences of COP27 protest
18. Biden ‘reviewing’ ties with Saudi Arabia amid anger over oil cuts


19. Uganda Ebola outbreak: First death recorded in capital Kampala
20. Kenya curriculum uproar as pupils behead live chickens in school
21. Ruto to construct the Tanzania-Kenya gas pipeline
22. East Africa divided on GM foods as Kenya lifts ban