1.Afghanistan crisis: G20 leaders pledge to avert economic catastrophe
2.EU announced 1bn euro aid package for Afghanistan
3.Afghan FM wants good ties, needs more time on girls’ education
4.Turkey proposes G20 working group for Afghanistan
5.Afghanistan: Dozens killed in suicide bombing at Kunduz mosque
6.Turkish FM Çavuşoğlu hints at Afghanistan visit
7.Ghani’s Power Monopoly, Fleeing Caused State Collapse: Abdullah
8.Islamic Emirate Seeks to Reform, Monitor Military Forces
9.US, Islamic Emirate Delegations Meet in Doha
10.After Taliban takeover, first Afghan trade delegation visits Pakistan
11.New Chapter Opened in Afghanistan, World Relations: Muttaqi
12.Imran Khan: US must engage with Taliban or face chaos


13.Erdogan: YPG attacks on Turkish targets the ‘final straw’
14.Turkish FM Çavuşoğlu hints at Afghanistan visit
15.Saudi and Iran signal warming ties but ‘real steps’ needed
16.Germany’s Merkel, Israel’s PM Bennett differ on Iran, Palestine
17.Egypt arrests 3 over thousands of dumped Covid jabs
18.Looming disaster’: Oil ship leak threatens millions of Yemenis
19.Saudi Arabia aims to be among 15 top global economies with $7tr plan


20.ICJ rejects Kenya case in Somalia maritime border row
21.South African Cement Gets Boost From State Ban on Imports
22.Kenya rejects UN jurisdiction ahead of Somalia border ruling
23.New World Bank Group Program to Boost Djibouti’s Efforts to Reduce Poverty
24.Ivory Coast celebrates oil find as west turns away from fossil fuels