1. UNFPA and Red Cross Raise Alarm About Poverty in Afghanistan
2. How Western Errors Let the Taliban Win in Afghanistan
3. Humanitarian, relief consignments handed over to Afghan authorities
4. President SCCI calls for removal of hurdles to Pak-Afghan trade
5. Afghan Business Council Urges Islamic Emirate, US to Follow Doha Deal
6. Afghan women protest school attack as Taliban cracks down
7. Afghanistan classroom bombing death toll jumps to 53: UN
8. World ‘must engage’ or risk Afghanistan’s collapse, Security Council hears
9. Afghan refugees, many with uncertain immigration status, struggle with daily life
10. Niklasson: Aid alone can’t solve Afghanistan’s economic problems
11. Afghan children separated as parents remain in home country

Middle East

12. ​ Islamic State women and children to be returned to Australia from Syrian camps
13. Israel hails proposed Lebanon maritime border deal
14. Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon agree to boost food security cooperation
15. Saudi Arabia win bid to host 2029 Asian Winter Games at desert megacity
16. Egypt’s population hits 104 million with a child born every 19 seconds
17. Turkey Wants Russia to Delay Its Gas Payments Until 2024
18. Turkey’s Erdogan Renews Threat to Block NATO Bids by Sweden, Finland
19. Iran Increases Troops Near Kurdistan Region, Threatening Ground Operation
20. Scores of Iraqis injured in anti-government protests in Baghdad


21. King Charles will host South Africa’s president in first state visit as sovereign
22. ​A Surprise Presidential Candidate Leads the Race to Lead Nigeria, Poll Shows
23. Drought Is Killing Kenya’s Endangered Wildlife
24. Burkina Faso coup: Ousted military ruler Damiba in Togo