1. UN says six million Afghans are at risk of famine as crises grow
2. Afghan refugees, migrants protest in UAE over uncertain future
3. Iran to Secure Its Border With Afghanistan Without Afghan Help: Envoy
4. Taliban accuses Pakistan of allowing U.S. drones to use its airspace
5. Negotiations Continue Over Airport Contracts: Ministry
6. ‘Highly regrettable’: FO rejects Afghan Taliban’s claim that Pakistani airspace was used for Zawahiri hit
7. Afghanistan reels from deadly flash floods and landslides
8. Afghanistan Faces $1.4 Billion in Foreign Debt amid Economic Downturn
9. U.N. aid chief pushes for restart of Afghanistan development aid
10. Iran to secure its border with Afghanistan without Afghan help: Envoy
11. Russia, China trade barbs with US over Afghanistan

Middle East

12. Russia ships air defence missiles out of Syria, satellites show
13. Saudi Arabia to invest $1 billion in Pakistan – Saudi state TV
14. Rights Groups Urge Yemen’s Houthis to End Taiz Blockade
15. Israel Attacks Emerging Iran Deal
16. ​Türkiye sends two planes carrying aid for Pakistan flood victims
17. Turkey’s Economy Powers On Through Worst Inflation in Two Decades
18. Iran Says No Return to 2015 Nuclear Deal Unless IAEA Ends Investigations
19. Total curfew in Iraq’s Baghdad to begin from 15:30 local time – state news agency
20. UAE among top countries across several digital lifestyle indices: TDRA report


21. ​Many people feared trapped under multiple-story building collapse in Nigeria’s Kano State
22. ‘Air strike’ rocks Mekelle city in Ethiopia’s Tigray region
23. ‘It’s never enough’: the Senegal goldminers surviving from one nugget to the next
24. 75 dead in worsening Niger floods