1. Taliban to sign contract with UAE’s GAAC Holding over airspace control at Afghan airports
2. Afghanistan: Renewal of the Special Rapporteur’s Mandate and Need for Stronger Accountability Measures
3. Afghan girls take to streets to protest school closure in Paktia
4. UK gives UN £24m to support Afghan children, women
5. Pakistan asks Afghanistan to arrest Maulana Masood Azhar
6. A Look at Afghan Economy From Sept 11, 2001, to Present
7. Afghanistan: International community must urgently action upon the UN Special Rapporteur’s recommendations
8. Russia blames US, allies for current crisis in Afghanistan
9. MEHWAR: Afghan Exports to Pakistan Decreased by 50%
10. Brotherly Afghanistan?
11. Duty-free onions and tomatoes start arriving from Afghanistan
Middle East
12. ​Four Turkish soldiers killed in northern Iraq fighting
13. UN rapporteur calls for an end to sanctions against Iran
14. Egypt’s Sisi in Qatar for first time since blockade’s-Sisi-in-Qatar-for-first-time-since-blockade
15. UAE distributes school kits to students in flood-hit Sudan
16. Egypt accused of thwarting environmental groups ahead of COP2
17. Libyan armed factions clash on outskirts of Tripoli
18. Saudi Arabia’s new $30bn RIA airlines to launch with Boeing 737s, Airbus A320s
19. Lebanon, Israel inch toward maritime border agreement
20. Tribal spies in Syria help U.S. win drone war against Islamic State
21. Pakistan establishes bilateral relations with Ethiopia after 75 years
22. ​ African Development Bank’s Enhanced Private Sector Assistance to Central African Region to strengthen engagement with private sector
23. First Ukraine ship for Horn of Africa docks in Djibouti port – UN
24. Senegal’s pink lake threatened by flood after heavy rains