News from Afghanistan

1.Taliban claims victory in Panjshir as it calls to end war
2.Well-Known Journalist Fahim Dashti Killed in Panjshir
3.Taliban name new Afghan government, interior minister on U.S. sanctions list
4.Taliban Announces Head of State, Acting Ministers
5.World reacts as Taliban announces new Afghan government
6.Afghanistan: US ‘concerned’ by new Taliban government
7. Russia’s Putin says U.S. Afghan foray achieved nothing but tragedy
8.US Gen. Milley: ‘Civil War’ May Develop in Afghanistan
9.Turkey, Iran and Pakistan raise entry bars for Afghan refugees
10.Iran’s Foreign Minister in Talks With Former Afghan Leaders
11.Well-Known Journalist Fahim Dashti Killed in Panjshir
12.‘Channels of communication’ open with Taliban: Blinken
13.DG ISI meets Taliban leaders in Kabul
14.UN assured of Pakistan help in Afghan projects

News from the Middle East

15.Israel’s military chief says ‘accelerating’ Iran strike plans
16.Iraqi prime minister set to visit Pakistan
17.Qatar and Turkey working to restore Kabul passenger flights, ministers say
18.Turkey realigning ties with Egypt and Gulf rivals
19.UN envoy to Iraq says effort underway to prevent voters fraud
20.As its rivers shrink, Iraq thirsts for regional cooperation
21.Shia leader Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Saeed al-Hakeem dies in Iraq
22.Quds force chief: Tehran won’t allow developments in Afghanistan to harm Iran
23.Iran signals defiance after chiding IAEA report
24.UAE sends plane carrying aid to Afghanistan: State media
25.From Afghanistan to the World Cup, Tiny, Wealthy Qatar Steps Up
26.US top diplomat Blinken visits Qatar in wake of Taliban takeover
27.COVID-19: Saudi Arabia resumes passenger flights to and from UAE, South Africa and Argentina
28.Libya frees Saadi Gaddafi, son of former leader
29.Syria: Fragile truce holds in Deraa as peace talks resume

News from Africa

30.South Africa: Economic recovery quickens in Q2 but risks remain
31.FM, Kenya’s Defence Minister discuss bilateral relations
32.Kenya and Pakistan drafting MoUs to increase bilateral trade
33.Somali PM suspends intelligence chief amid political rift
34.Arms flown to Sudan from Ethiopia were legal, says ministry
35.Nigeria opens portal for fellowship programme, targets 200,000 graduates
36.Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict: Thousands reported killed in clashes
37.Jailed Chadian President Habre Dies in Senegal