CMEA BULLETIN (June 25, 2020)

1.        OIC states asked to raise Kashmir issue with India
2.        Palestine seeks $100M loan from Arab League
3.        Caesar Act: Fresh sanctions on Syria could worsen Lebanon economy
4.        Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia bars international pilgrims for Hajj
5.        Iran to set up new base in Indian Ocean
6.        U.N. Security Council to start talks on U.S. bid to extend Iran arms embargo
7.        Yemen’s dead and injured children haunt Saudi-led war
8.        Iraq Calls On Foreign Oil Companies To Cut Production
9.        UN warns against Libya escalation after Egypt intervention threat
10.    South Africa to Start Continent’s First Coronavirus Vaccine Pilot
11.    Western Attitude Towards Africa need a Reset
12.    Sudan warns against escalation in Nile dam dispute
13.    Morocco Is a COVID-19 Success Story. But at What Cost?
14.    West Africa Bloc Urges Mali to Solve Political Standoff
15.    Sahel coalition to aim for lasting peace in West Africa