CMEA Bulletin – News from Middle East & Africa (June 4, 2020 – June 11, 2020)

1.OIC Executive Committee holds an Extraordinary Ministerial Meeting on Israeli Threats to Annex Parts of Palestine
2. Assad faces backlash in Syria as economy crashes
3. Tear gas, stone throwing as Beirut demonstration turns violent
4.   Turkey, US nearing new era in ties in handling of Libya
5.   Iran to execute alleged ‘CIA spy’ involved in Soleimani’s killing
6.   Pakistan Navy begins constructing modern warships in coordination with Turkey
7. WHO to study Madagascar’s drug to treat COVID-19
8. Iran’s death toll from coronavirus exceeds 8,500 /
9. Sudan minister: Safety of Renaissance Dam better than Sudan, Egypt dams
10. The Covid-19 Pandemic is starting a new chapter in China-Africa Relations
11. Algeria trade deficit deepens on lower energy revenue
12.   Coronavirus: This Misinformation circulating in Africa about Covid-19
13.   Amnesty accuses West African forces of human rights abuses in Sahel region