1. Philippines’ Duterte, China’s Xi call for restraint in South China Sea
2. China lockdowns: Tourism spending plunges over key holiday
3. Bloc politics may hinder steadiness of Pak-China relations, official says
4. China’s prices surge past forecasts amid lockdowns, Ukraine war
5.  China, US need to write more stories of cooperation like Flying Tigers: Chinese Ambassador
6.  China Covid pandemic: Xi hails response as Shanghai hits record
7.  Is a global recession coming? In US, China risks are mounting
8. China firmly rejects US accusations about hacking
9. China Makes Semi-Secret Delivery of Missiles to Serbia
10. China urges U.S. to promote peace in Ukraine through practical action instead of sanctions

Central Asia

1. Turkmenistan intends to boost two-way trade
2. Kazakhstan: Survey finds solid support for Russia, but mostly among Russian speakers
3. Kazakhstan Says It Does Not Recognize Separatist-Controlled Territories in Ukraine as Independent
4. Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Has Upset Uzbekistan’s Nuclear Plans
5.EU Delegation talks on ongoing projects in Uzbekistan water sector (Exclusive)
6. Kazakhstan Lifts Land Border Restrictions with Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan

East Asia

1. South Korea seeks return of US nuclear bombers, unsure of China’s influence over Kim Jong-un’s weapons testing plans
2. Japan dials up measures against Russia, aligning itself with the U.S. and Europe.
3. Cutting the Gordian knot in South Korea–Japan relations
4. In South Korea, Ukraine War Revives the Nuclear Question
5. Japan, Philippines Eye Further Defense Cooperation at First 2+2 Meeting