1. BRICS Expansion: Boost for China

2. China to halve stamp duty on securities trading to boost capital market
3. US, China Will Determine War And Peace, Says Singapore’s Ex-Foreign Minister: ‘Taiwan Is Only A Piece On The Chessboard’

4. Indian EV cell maker Log9 flags production hit on delayed visas to Chinese experts
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6. China’s special envoy: BRICS expansion is of great–1mC84EGrunK/index.html

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8. The New World Economy: The US Economic War on China



1. Kazakhstan, Vietnam Sign Joint Statement, Show Commitment to Enhance Friendly Relations

2. IMDC arranges Dr. Sohail Tajik’s training session on emotional intelligence for students

3. Tajikistan, China want to accelerate construction of fourth line of gas pipeline from Turkmenistan to China

4. Minister, Turkmenistan envoy discuss TAPI gas project

5. Azerbaijani President will not receive Belgian Foreign Minister because of her pro-Armenian stance


1. Japan, US, Australia, Philippines take part in joint naval drills: Report

2. Takeaways from the Camp David Summit

3. Japan to expand ASEAN aid and focus on food security at special summit

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