1. China’s President Xi Jinping to miss G20 Summit in India, Premier Li Qiang to attend

2. New Huawei Phone Spurs Fear China Got Around US Chip Curbs

3. Over 500 experts to attend ITMF Conference 2023 in China

4. China’s aluminium billet inventories trend up over the weekend to 80,000 tonnes, contributed by Foshan

5. China’s Huawei and SMIC build advanced chip

6. Taipei and Shanghai mayors stress cooperation at Shanghai-Taipei City Forum

7. Super Typhoon Saola sweeps towards Hong Kong, southern China cities

8. China global trade fair prioritises cooperation


1. Armenia-Azerbaijan: EU urges unblocking of Lachin corridor

2 Tajikistan Resumes Border Relations With Afghanistan In A Sign Of Thawing Tensions

3. Energy Week Central Asia and Mongolia 2023 to Advance Clean Energy Transition

4 Uzbekistan Delegation Meets With Islamic Emirate Officials

5. Tajikistan, China want to accelerate construction of fourth line of gas pipeline from Turkmenistan to China

6. Perspectives: Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan building up for another potential round of fighting


1. Japan and the UK are teaming up to develop a cutting-edge nuclear reactor

2. The U.S.-Japan-ROK Summit at Camp David: Strengthening Trilateral Security Cooperation

3. ASEAN Summit: Southeast Asia Confronts Myanmar Crisis and South China Sea Tensions

4. Japan to give extra $141 million to fisheries amid China import ban

5. North Korea Stages ‘Tactical Nuclear Attack’ Drill