1. Tangen on China: Future of China-U.S. relations
2. China adopts Russia’s ‘denazification’ myth to rationalize invasion of Ukraine
 3.China considers law amendment to make local authorities ‘forge a strong sense of community for the Chinese nation’
 4.Biden pursues China-containment in new Indo-Pacific strategy
 5.China’s Policy Show Offers Little to Cheer on Climate
 6.China to be ‘stabilizer’ of global economy in 2022
7.China’s Bitcoin trading plunges to 10% of global share from 90%: central bank
 8.China raises defence spending by 7.1% despite lowest GDP growth forecast in 3 decades
 9.Russia and Ukraine: China’s trade partners in numbers

Central Asia

1. Pakistan, Uzbekistan Agree to Boost Youth Coop, S & T Linkages
 2.Tajikistan joins hands with UN to combat water issues
 3.Azerbaijan fully supports normalization of Turkey-Armenia ties: FM
 4.Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Could Overturn the Strategic Balance in Central Asia, Too

East Asia

1. South Korea bans transactions with Russia central bank
 2.North Korea fires ballistic missile days before South’s presidential election
 3.ASEAN needs to uphold principles, not neutrality, in Ukraine war
 4.China responds to idea of Japan hosting US nukes
 China On ‘Alert’ Over Debate Of Japan-US Nuclear Agreement—Will It Happen?