1. China says it ‘reserves the right’ to deal with ‘similar situations’ after US jets shoot down suspected spy balloon

2. China’s Economy is Rebounding, But Reforms Are Still Needed

3. U.S. cancels Blinken’s visit to China after the appearance of a spy balloon

4. China says political trust with Russia has deepened after envoy’s visit

5. Pakistan Launches $2.7 Billion China-Designed Nuclear Plant

6. China assures Pakistan to support in counter terrorism
7. China seeks stronger economic ties with Saudi Arabia

8. China, the US, and Russia go on a diplomatic charm offensive in Africa

9. The EU will struggle to de-risk its trade with China

10. China warns new Czech president after Taiwan call


1. Uzbekistan Suspends Railway Transportation to Afghanistan over ‘Breach of Contract’

2. Turkmenistan to send a free batch of liquefied gas to Uzbekistan

3. Turkmenistan’s President, top Russian lawmaker hold talks on bilateral cooperation

4. Kazakhstan closes trade mission in Russia during PM Mishustin’s visit

5. EU, Kazakhstan Mark 30 Years of Ties with Concert Featuring International Opera Stars

6. Tajikistan follows Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan banning exports of onions, carrots, and potatoes


1. Essential insects in East Asia have declined massively, study finds

2. Taiwan’s ‘new normal’ of volatility and deterrence

3. How relations with the West underpin Singapore’s defence

4. US secures deal on Philippines bases to complete arc around China

5. Laos must address rising inflation in 2023