1. Russia and China slam US for Middle East strikes

2. China, Norway urge ‘immediate’ Gaza ceasefire, stronger backing for Palestinian Authority

3. ‘Show our swords’: Beijing must harden its stance against rival challenges in the South China Sea, expert says

4. China, Russia and Iran to hold navy drills aimed at ‘regional security’, admiral says as Middle East tensions flare

5. Strengthened cooperation between China, Britain benefits both sides, world: Chinese premier

6. China launches two satellites to test 5G, 6G technologies–1qY7XkSArzq/p.html

7. Update: China pledges measures to boost domestic consumption in 2024

8. Outnumbered by Pakistan & China, India wants more ‘eyes in the sky’, early-warning AEW&C


1 China’s Xinjiang invites overseas media to annual political meetings for first time as it aims to improve image

2 Armenian PM proposes non-aggression pact to Azerbaijan

3 China reports robust trade growth with Central Asian states

4 Afghanistan clears electricity debts to Tajikistan

5 Turkmenistan: When good neighbors become good friends

6 Tajikistan, Uzbekistan excite football fans with Asia Cup run


1. Malaysia’s Capital A paves way for merger of AirAsia’s operations globally

2. Secretary-General of ASEAN receives courtesy call from Standard Chartered Bank

3. ASEAN urges ‘Myanmar-owned and led solution’ to crisis triggered by coup

4. South Korea lawmakers urge tougher laws after alleged theft of KF-21 warplane data

5. Is South Korea ‘adopting Japanese narratives’ on disputed islets under Yoon?

6. Asean renewable energy sector gets boost from China’s solar projects, faces hurdle of fossil fuels reliance