1. China says midcourse missile interception test a success
2. Xi Jinping Doubles Down on Support for Putin and Russian ‘Sovereignty’
3. Russia is now China’s biggest oil supplier after Beijing increased imports by 55% to capitalize on low prices in the wake of Western sanctions
4. China is threatening to close the Taiwan Strait
5. Companies brace for chaos as Xinjiang import ban starts in U.S
6. China studying ‘extraordinary’ new policy support for manufacturers: Report
7. China Is Becoming the Biggest Challenge for Luxury Brands

Central Asia

1. Russia Set for Key Role In Azeri Transit Through Armenia
2. Need to Redouble Efforts to Implement Iran-Kazakhstan Agreements
3. Senior Delegation from Uzbekistan Visits Afghanistan
4. Border clashes continue between Tajiks and Kyrgyz

East Asia

1. South Korea to bid to host Asian Cup
2. S. Korean Air Force conducts large-scale exercise to counter ‘enemy provocations’
3. ICAN leader blasts Japan for skipping TPNW meeting
4. S. Korea, U.S., Japan agree to expand anti-N. Korea drills
5. China feels slight unease in intimidating Japan with Russia
6. How would a US recession impact Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand amid surging inflation?