1. China credits $2.3 billion loan to State Bank of Pakistan
2. Cambodia: China Smiles, U.S. Frets
 3.Moscow May Create An ‘Alternative Arctic Council With China As Member
 4.China’s first intelligent factory for offshore drilling equipment starts operation
5. US reviewing China tariffs amid fears of recession
6. China pursues oil exploration talks
 7.Why Chinese Imports of U.S. LNG Collapsed

Central Asia

1. Dubai, Azerbaijan discuss ways to boost relations in energy sector
2. Border Conflicts in Central Asia will Continue because They Help Elites Enrich Themselves with the Drug Trade, Analysts Say
3. New Border Clashes in Central Asia Highlight Moscow’s Declining Influence There
4. Vladimir Putin to make first foreign trip since Ukraine invasion

East Asia

1. Tokyo warned of power crunch as Japan endures heat wave
2. Malaysia to disburse nearly $549 million to aid households over food prices
3. Sri Lanka plans donor conference with China, India and Japan
4. LNG order surge keeps South Korea yards top of ‘alternative fuel’ newbuilding league
5. Dialogues further Strengthen ASEAN India ties