1. Under Xi Jinping, China’s development will power the global economy and strengthen world peace
2. Chinese fighter J-10C is a contender to replace the American F-16
3. China helps arch-foes Iran, Saudi Arabia break diplomatic ice
4. UK reveals £5 billion defense boost to respond to Russia, China
5. What to expect from Xi Jinping’s next five years as Chinese president
6. Pakistan’s forex reserves rise to $4.3 billion after new loan from Chinese bank
7. Australia wants India to become one of its largest trading partners as both countries detach from China
8. China’s peace efforts widely hailed as world welcomes Saudi-Iran deal


9. Afghanistan, Kazakhstan in move to strengthen ties
10. Iran, Tajikistan discuss tourism cooperation
11. Uzbekistan and the UAE Presidents discuss issues of further enhancing multifaceted cooperation
12. Turkmenistan, Iran discuss issues related to desertification of agricultural lands
13. Azerbaijan, Czech Republic to discuss new investment opportunities


1. South Korea to buy fighter jets, weapons systems to defend against North
2. S. Korea’s Yoon to visit Japan for summit, first trip in 12 years
3. Japan gives Myanmar over $60 million for humanitarian aid
4. Japan, Britain and Italy eye defense chiefs meeting in Tokyo in March
5. Japan Marks 12 Years Since Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster