1. China withdraws as 2023 football Asian Cup host due to pandemic
2. China’s Economic Trends Hint at Cost of Zero Covid Strategy
3.  China and US exchange barbs over military maneuvers near Taiwan | military news
4. China passenger jet catches fire, dozens ‘lightly injured’
5. Taiwan seeks to apply Ukraine lessons as annual war games start
6. China’s top diplomat hits out at Western critics who ‘distort the truth’ on pandemic controls
7. Shanghai to start gradually reopening malls, other firms in COVID lockdown transition
8. China blasts WHO chief over criticism of Xi’s Covid-Zero policy
9. Japan helps 87 companies to break from China after pandemic exposed overreliance  

Central Asia

1. Anti-terrorism meeting today: Pakistan, India, SCO to focus on Afghanistan
2. Kabul, Uzbekistan to ‘Finalize’ Mazar-e-Sharif Railway Project
3. As Tajikistan’s Alif Bank plans entry into the Pakistani market, uncertainty for Digital Banks looms
4. China’s neighboring Countries Dialogue on Afghanistan: Driven by the fear of US-EU alliance on the Ukraine Crisis?
5. Pakistan, Kazakh trade ties to help boost economy’  

East Asia

1. Joe Biden to plug Indo-Pacific Strategy in Japan and South Korea, with eye on China and Russia
2. With China in focus, Biden makes $150 million commitment to ASEAN leaders
3. Biden names envoy to SE Asia bloc, stressing US attention
4. Japan nears deal with Britain to buy next-generation fighter jet
5. North Korea: More than a million Covid cases feared
6. Marcos victory in the Philippines reflects a new arc of old politics in Southeast Asia