1.        China’s Big Banks Post Profit Recovery on Credit Expansion
2.        Chinese yard cuts first steel for large platform hull destined for Australia
3.        China to launch Mengtian space station lab module Monday afternoon
4.        China rolls out first inhalable Covid-19 vaccine
5.        US, China discuss relations, war in Ukraine
6.        Wuhan, other cities in China bring back COVID-19 lockdowns as cases rise
7.        China after the Party’s October 2022 Congress
8.        China’s Fiscal Challenges
9.        U.S. approach to China needs a course correction
10.    A Superpower, Like It or Not
Why Americans Must Accept Their Global Role


Central Asia 

1.        Azerbaijan, Qatar establish business council
2.        In Kazakhstan, EU and Central Asian leaders tout closer cooperation
3.        Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia to meet in Sochi
4.        Tajikistan invites US companies to invest in its economy
5.        Representatives of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan hold talks at border,_

East Asia

1. Australia and Japan sign far-reaching anti-China security pact
2. More than 150 killed in Halloween stampede in South Korea
3. Japan, US to hold major military drill starting Nov. 10
4. US, S.Korea, Japan agree to strengthen deterrence against North Korea
5. Bursa Malaysia rises after Wall Street closes sharply higher on hope of slowing pace of rate hikes
6. U.S. and South Korean warplanes begin largest ever air drills