1. Chinese team creates drones with ‘human brains’ able to tackle complex tasks through group chats

2. China’s hotel industry recovers as occupancy and room rates return to pre-pandemic levels amid leisure travel boom

3. China’s first deficit in foreign investment signals West’s ‘de-risking’ pressure

4. Blizzards in China’s northeast ground flights, force school closures

5. Australia’s Albanese seeks dialogue, cooperation in China visit

6. Xi sends congratulatory letter to 1st Belt and Road Conference on Science and Technology Exchange

7. China opens 6th CIIE, deepening cooperation with global businesses

8. Beijing to host global gathering as Xi Jinping lays out China’s vision


1 Central Asian Countries Try To Manage Public Passions Around Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
2 Macron visits Kazakhstan on strategic tour of Central Asia

3 Turkey and France jostle for Central Asia influence as Russia declines

4 Mapping Creative Industries Landscape: Kazakhstan’s Cultural Initiatives, Central Asian Nomadism, International Practice

5 China and Central Asia Reach Numerous Belt & Road Initiative Agreements

6 UN forum opens with a resounding call to reinforce 2030 Agenda in North and Central Asia


1. Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida visited Southeast Asia to strengthen security ties with Malaysia and the Philippines, focusing on Tokyo’s new Official Security Assistance program..

2. Japan will provide $65 million (¥9.7 billion) in additional humanitarian aid to Palestinians

3. South Korea is set to launch its first domestically-developed military spy satellite using SpaceX’s Falcon 9 from California’s Vandenberg Space Force Base on November 30

4. Singapore’s defense minister urged China to lead in reducing tensions in Asia to prevent devastating military conflicts like those in Ukraine and the Israel-Hamas war.

5. North Korea has said it is closing several diplomatic missions abroad as international sanctions continue to disrupt its ability to finance its offices overseas