1. APEC economies are ‘walking a tightrope’ between China, US tensions: report

2. Number of Americans studying in mainland China falls sharply, but Chinese students still flock to US

3. Hong Kong security chief hits out at critics spreading ‘false’ information, making ‘a fuss’ over plan to redevelop detention centre

4. Top Chinese memory chip maker YMTC sues Micron for patent infringement, bringing semiconductor battle to the US

5. Chinese state security chief wraps up 10-day tour of Southeast Asia

6. Resettlement offer to Pacific a win for Australia over China

7. CGTN poll: Bali consensus is key to China-U.S. relations–1oH27ke5RxS/index.html

8. Chinese PLA’s aerobatic team trains ahead of Dubai Airshow



1 French President Emmanuel Macron is touring Central Asia as he seeks to strengthen ties in the region. The French leader met Kazakhstan’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev

2 Iranian President’s Visit o Tajikistan Symbolic Of Growing Rapprochement

3 The Ministry of Energy of Kyrgyzstan and Total Energies Renewables SA signed a memorandum of understanding on November 10, the Ministry of Energy announced.,_TotalEnergies_Renewables_SA_sign_MoU_on_

4 Russia has dispatched 40 metric tons of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan in response to the recent seismic upheaval in Herat signifying Russia’s ongoing commitment to supporting the Afghan people in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Herat.

5 Turkmenistan and the UAE discussed trade, economic and inter-parliamentary cooperation.

6 Uzbekistan, Germany sign grant agreements to support education and healthcare, These agreements provide for the allocation of funds in the amount of €13 million to create a simulation training center in Termez and another €500 thousand to support staff development activities.


1. China to conduct joint military exercises with 5 ASEAN countries

2. A strengthened ASEAN gives regional states options in safeguarding their interests

3. Joint Ministerial Statement on the Twenty First ASEAN and Japan Transport Ministers Meeting (21st ATM+Japan)

4. ASEAN Secretary-General gives lecture in anticipation of Oxford Southeast Asian Institute

5.  ASEAN officials hope to strengthen cooperation with China on blue economy