1.        Australia urged to take substantive actions in repairing ties with China, after ‘constructive’ meeting
2.        China to double down on Taiwan unification efforts
3.        China to raise reserve requirement for forward forex trading to 20%
4.        China-ASEAN Expo concludes with new record of signed deals
5.        China Construction Bank To Set Up $4.2-Billion Fund For Buying Properties
6.        How to Invest in Digital Yuan
7.        CPEC & Pakistan Speed: The New Era of Development | BY Muhammad Ehsan, Beijing
8.        Chinese scientists develop mask that can detect COVID-19 in 10 minutes

Central Asia

1.     Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan signed a protocol to end the border conflictu
2.       Sydney Greek-Australians join Armenians and Assyrians in march against Azerbaijan aggression
3.    China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan sign document of cooperation on joint railway project: NDRC
4.     Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan agree to remove 4 border outposts each,_Tajikistan_agree_to_remove_4_border_outposts_each/
5.      Presidents of Russia, Turkmenistan confirm aspiration for strengthening bilateral partnership

East Asia

1.       US aircraft carrier arrives in South Korea to send message to North Korea
2.       US, Canadian Warships Sail Through Taiwan Strait for 2nd Time in a Year
3.       Wall Street Model of Japanese Banks Under Scrutiny as Rates Rise
4.       Prepare to Defend Senkakus and Taiwan as Interlocking Crises
5.       Japan Calls for ‘Counter-Strike’ Capabilities as Tensions Rise
6.       Japan, South Korea agree to ramp up defense cooperation against North Korea
7.       Very high chance’ Hong Kong will end year in recession: finance secretary