Ø  US Bill Drops Negative References To Pakistan
Ø  Bill:
Ø  Pakistan skipped the US Summit for Democracy. Why?
Ø  Strong economic ties with Pakistan in US interest: Blome
Ø  In meetings with PM Imran and COAS, US senators assert maintaining ‘broad-based’ ties with Pakistan
Ø  Biden Rallies Global Democracies as U.S. Hits a ‘Rough Patch’ Ø  Beyond Biden’s bluff and bluster
Ø  Global Views of Biden’s Democracy Summit
Ø  Pakistan Wanted Gwadar to Be the Next Singapore. China’s Role Didn’t Help.
Ø  Report: Nuclear Cooperation with Other Countries: A Primer
Ø  COVID-19: Don’t underestimate Omicron, WHO chief warns
Ø  ‘Additional effort and patience’ needed to revive Iran nuclear deal
Ø  Afghanistan: Humanitarian crisis threatens basic human rights
Ø  ‘Restraint, de-escalation and dialogue’ needed to stem war in Yemen
Ø  Omicron: Don’t panic but prepare for likely spread, says WHO
Ø  COP26 defined by ‘reinvigorated multilateralism’
Ø  No return to normal without universal COVID jabs: General Assembly President      


Ø  EU summit agrees to extend anti-Russian economic sanctions by 6 months
Ø  NATO fails to respond to numerous Russian proposals for security dialogue – diplomat
Ø  Russia firmly denies Germany’s accusations regarding Khangoshvili case – foreign ministry
Ø  Russia invites EU to hold collective consultations on cyber security – foreign ministry
Ø  NATO ready for dialogue with Russia if Moscow takes de-escalation measures
Ø  Brexit: UK signs free trade deal with Australia
Ø  As EU-Taiwan ties deepen, cyber security is front and centre
Ø  Nord Stream 2 pipeline still without permit
Ø  Olaf Scholz at first EU summit with fresh Russia tension in tow
Ø  EU talks with former-Soviet republics with eye on Russia
Ø  HSSP to award scholarship for children of Afghan refugees in Pakistan
Ø  Is there a new Cold War for global leadership?


Ø  SBP Weekly Data Report
Ø  Monetary policy: SBP raises interest rate by 100 bps to 9.75%
Ø  Govt to slap 17% GST on 140 goods
Ø  LSM contracts 1.19pc in October Ø  Pakistan’s progress on SDGs
Ø  Will the Sialkot incident affect GSP Plus? Ø  The neglected water economy
Ø  Pakistan economy’s three major markets under pressure: report
Ø  Govt unveils SME policy to promote 5 million businesses
Ø  Remittances rise 10pc to $13bn in five months
Ø  Why high trade deficit needs U-turn?
Ø  Exports of value-added textiles post double-digit growth
Ø  ADB sees higher than estimated inflation in Pakistan
Ø  ADB approves $200m for Pakistan to develop irrigation system
Ø  Current account deficit will decrease gradually, says SBP governor
Ø  Revival of IMF package for Pakistan may witness delay
Ø  Govt contracted $15.32bn foreign loans in FY21: report
Ø  ‘Exploitation of mineral sector can enhance exports, boost growth’
Ø  Another body set up to solve economic problems
Ø  Oil rises around 2% on strong U.S. demand, upbeat Fed outlook
Ø  Human WFP director hails PM’s Ehsaas Nashonuma initiative
Ø  Target to shift 60pc production on clean energy sources: Amin Aslam
Ø  Who will pay for the damage caused by climate change?
Ø  Forests: an unrecognized force for adaptation to climate change
Ø  Finance must be the golden thread for climate diplomacy in 2022