Ø  US has no choice but to work with Pakistan, says envoy
Ø  The Implications of Deepening Economic Ties between Pakistan, China
Ø  Pakistan questions US move of giving half of $7b Afghan funds to 9/11 victims
Ø  Pakistan letting India deliver wheat to hungry Afghanistan
Ø  Indian activist charged with terrorism was targeted by hackers linked to prominent cyber espionage attacks, new report finds
Ø  For Report:
Ø  Pakistan’s ambivalent approach toward a resurgent Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan
Ø  Afghans Who Bet on Fast Path to the U.S. Are Facing a Closed Door
Ø  2022 Olympics will mark moment China and Russia joined forces against U.S.
Ø  In Focus: The European Union and China
Ø  In Focus: The U.S. Department of State: Background and Selected Issues for the 117th Congress
Ø  In Sight: “An Epidemic of Coups” in Africa? Issues for Congress
Ø  Congress and the War in Yemen: Oversight and Legislation 2015-2021
Ø  Podcast: How is US, NATO diplomacy addressing Russian troop buildup?
Ø  Cooperation between United Nations, Regional Blocs Will Be Critical in Defusing Evolving Threats
Ø  Counter-terrorism, Afghanistan, top priorities for UN cooperation with Eurasian security body
Ø  India’s Hijab Debate Fueled by Divisive Communal Politics
Ø  Sharp escalation in fighting across Yemen risks spiralling out of control
Ø  Adapting to climate change ‘happening worldwide’, essential
Ø  Pakistan asks UNSC to help stop attacks from Afghanistan
Ø  ‘Historic expansion’ of joint UN fund to boost sustainable development


Ø  Blinkin ready to meet Lavrov next week
Ø  US Deputy ambassador was told to leave in retaliation for Russian diplomat’s expulsion
Ø  Ukraine cirsis: Fresh shelling claims fuel tensions
Ø  Migrants cope with freezing weather violence on Hungary border
Ø  Russia: Putin to oversee huge nuclear drills amid Ukraine tension
Ø  EU launches reset with AU after pandemic disruption
Ø  Biden warns Russia could attack Ukraine within days
Ø  France, European allies announce military withdrawal from Mali
Ø  Boris Johnson faces police questionnaire deadline over No 10 parties
Ø  Putin takes note of State Duma’s appeal for recognizing DPR, LPR – Kremlin
Ø  Kremlin hopes Nord Stream 2 will be protected from outside political influence
Ø  US gives no response to Russia’s proposal to return nuclear weapons to its soil – MFA
Ø  Formula for de-escalation and package approach: Russia releases its reply to US
Ø  Kiev stubbornly refuses to hold dialogue with Donbass – Russian MFA
Ø  Greece expects to discuss European security, bilateral agenda with Lavrov
Ø  Russia does not want any war, believes in Minsk Accords – Putin-Scholz meeting
Ø  Germany and Ukraine: Trade and aid, but no weapons
Ø  Munich Security Conference 2022, February 18-20
Ø  NATO commander Petraeus meets Pakistani army chief
Ø  US says Russia movie troops closer
Ø  NATO Defence Ministers reaffirm their strong commitment to open door policy, and the importance of partnerships
Ø  Romania joins NATO’s most successful munitions cooperation framework


Ø  SBP Weekly Data Report
Ø  Foreign investment rises 11pc in first seven months
Ø  Textile policy envisages cheaper energy rates till 2025
Ø  Textile exports rise 25pc in July-January
Ø  Shaukat Tarin defends govt’s decision to hike petrol rate
Ø  World Development Report 2022
Ø  Russia-Ukraine crisis to hurt Pakistan’s current account
Ø  PM launches second phase of Raast Ø  A bleak prognosis of wheat
Ø  With autonomy come challenges Ø  Economic security lies at core of national security: NSA
Ø  LSM growth slows down to 7.4%
Ø  ADB to continue supporting Pakistan Ø  Exports projected to hit $38 billion Ø  A recipe for rapid economic growth Ø  Furious food inflation
Ø  Remittances fall by 5pc in January
Ø  A few essentials for economic security
Ø  Oil slides 2% as Iran talks offset Ukraine crisis,and%20the%20West%20over%20Ukraine. Ø  Improving the efficiency of energy end-use
Ø  Shall we all meet at the table? Ø  Decarbonised future for Pakistan Ø  ‘Climate change heavily affecting economy’
Ø  Frontiers 2022: Noise, Blazes and Mismatches