Ø  US gives 5m more Pfizer doses to Pakistan
Ø  US thanks Pakistan for hosting ‘vital’ OIC summit on Afghanistan
Ø  The Evolution and Future of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan
Ø  Pakistan to Rally Muslim Countries to Help Afghanistan
Ø  Changing climate parches Afghanistan, exacerbating poverty
Ø  Biden’s weak defense of democracy
Ø  Hidden Pentagon Records Reveal Patterns of Failure in Deadly Airstrikes
Ø  Report: Nuclear Security in South Asia: Regional Views on Prospects and Priorities
Ø  Report: Toward a Mature Defense Partnership: Insights from a U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue
Ø  Complex Calculations Shape Pakistan-TTP Negotiations
Ø  Biden’s Southeast Asia Policy Still Has Much to Prove
Ø  It’s Time for the West to Engage with the Taliban
Ø  A Conversation With Jake Sullivan
Ø  Security Council paves way for aid to reach desperate Afghans
Ø  UN envoy outlines ‘possibilities for progress’ in Syria next year
Ø  In a world of choices, ‘let us choose peace’, urges UN chief
Ø  ‘UN stands with the people of Lebanon’, declares Guterres
Ø  Afghanistan economy in ‘freefall’, threatening to take entire population with it
Ø  Iran: UN independent experts condemn secret execution of Kurdish prisoner
Ø  Experts call for immediate release of Kashmiri human rights defender      


Ø  Germany to grant €13.5mln to help Pakistan fight climate change
Ø  Russia, India and China (RIC) Summit may take place in the near future – Presidential aide
Ø  India deploys first battery of S-400 air defence system in western Punjab state
Ø  CoronaVirus cases reach record high in France and UK
Ø  Putin speaks on Security guarantees, Russia’s relations with West
Ø  Putin says insulting Prophet Muhammad isn’t artistic freedom
Ø  Aid to Afghanistan need to be provided by US coalition, says Putin
Ø  Russia strives for united international position on recognizing the Taliban government – Putin
Ø  Call on the FM by the UK Deputy Leader of Opposition & Deputy Leader of the Labour Party
Ø  Russia causing ‘severe deterioration’ of European security – EU


Ø  SBP Weekly Data Report
Ø  FDI rises 12pc to $798m in July-November
Ø  Non-textile exports jump 25pc in July-November
Ø  Debate on development strategy
Ø  Foreign loans surge to $4.6b in five months
Ø  Strategic Trade Policy Framework 2020-2025 gets approval
Ø  Current account gap widens to $1.9b
Ø  IMF to take up sixth review of its programme on Jan 12
Ø  Govt Building on geo-economic narrative
Ø  Govt gets $4.6bn foreign loans in five months
Ø  $1.54bn ADB loan for energy sector reforms, uplift projects
Ø  Pakistan, China join hands for new wheat varieties
Ø  A double dose of monetary tightening
Ø  Govt slashes sales tax on local electric vehicles from 17% to 1%
Ø  Fiscal devolution
Ø  Revised SBP bill vague on inflation
Ø  WB to lend $195 million to boost DISCOs efficiency
Ø  ‘Exploitation of mineral sector can enhance exports, boost growth’
Ø  Another body set up to solve economic problems
Ø  Oil prices stable as positive Covid news balances curbs
Ø  Environmental experts say climate change adversely impacting on Pakistan’s economy, health
Ø  Pakistan at bottom among countries striving for secure energy future