I.  The Intra-Afghan Dialogue Is Good News for Pakistan-US Relations   
II.  Declan Wlash interview: “I hesitate to call Pakistan a failed democracy”  
III.  Al Qaeda’s Franchise Reboot  
IV. US envoy lists priorities for Pakistan: First goal to advance civil rights, freedoms   
V.  In a Changed Kashmir, Moderates Feel Betrayed by India
VI.  At Least 37 Million People Have Been Displaced by America’s War on Terror
VII.  ‘It’s a big, big swing’: Trump loses ground with white voters


I. Russia bars more EU officials from entering the country over ‘unfriendly moves’: ministry
II.  Ukraine holds military drills in response to Russian exercises  
III.  Factbox: How Russia has prepared itself to blunt threat of more sanctions
IV.  Russia says U.S. sanctions on Iran will not affect Moscow-Tehran cooperation: Ifax
V.  Russia rejects U.S. terms, sees ‘minimal’ chance to extend New START nuclear pact
VI.  $50 million Russian Su-30 fighter jet accidentally SHOT DOWN during military drills, but pilots survive, reports say
VII.  ‘War in Europe’: Ukrainian leader Zelensky tells United Nations that Russia wants to divide the world into spheres of influence
VIII.  Russia Breaks Donbas Ceasefire


I.  UN Report ‘Inequality in a Rapidly Changing World’ 2020
II.  Sustainable Development Goals are ‘the future’ Malala tells major UN event, urging countries to get on track
III.   Global solution to COVID-19 in sight, ‘we sink or we swim together’ – WHO chief  
IV.   What the U.N. Is Good For… or Could Be   
V.  U.S. Isolated at U.N. as Push to Ramp Up Pressure on Iran Fails pompeo/  
VI.  At the U.N., a General Assembly Like No Other


I.   SBP Weekly Data Report   
II.   ‘Covid to cause $12tr global income loss’: World Development Report 2020  
III.   Pakistan ranked 134th on the Global SDG Index this year, down from 130th in 2019: The Sustainable Development Goal Report 2020
IV.  Energy security at stake   
V.   SBP maintains status quo as real interest rates remain ‘slightly below zero’  
VI.  PM Khan makes passionate video message at fourth Austrian World Summit hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
VII.  Govt decides to form Economic Outreach Apex Committee  to promote economic diplomacy
VIII.  Climate change and Covid economy ‘must be tackled together’
IX.  Sustainable Development Impact Summit, 21-24 September 2020  
X.   World’s top emitter China aims to go carbon neutral by 2060
XI.  Coronavirus pandemic has wiped out $3.5tn in work income, says ILO–en/index.htm
XII.  COVID-19: UNCTAD warns of ‘lost decade’ if countries adopt austerity: UNCTAD’s Trade and Development Report 2020