I. U.S. Defense Secretary Makes Secret Visit to Afghanistan
II. Foes in Afghan War See a Common Threat of Islamic State’s Return
III. U.S. Has 1,000 More Troops in Afghanistan Than It Disclosed
IV. Why India and Pakistan Keep On Clashing
V. Opinion: The time has come to share power with the Taliban
VI. Baker’s Dozen: The Geopolitics of Pakistan
VII. U.S., Afghanistan: Biden Says May 1 Withdrawal Deadline May Be ‘Tough’ to Meet
VIII. Lawmakers Confirm Former Ambassador as US Spy Chief
IX. How the US military subverted the Afghan peace agreement to prolong an unpopular war
X. How it happened: Transcript of the US-China opening remarks in Alaska
XI. Biden’s China Reset Is Already on the Ropes
XII. With Eye on China, India and US Pledge Deeper Strategic Partnership
XIII. The Promise and Limits of Indo-US Defense Cooperation


I. Lavrov calls for high-level Russian-Sino cooperation against U.S. hegemony
II. Putin on Biden’s ‘Killer’ Remark: ‘Takes One to Know One’
III. Purchase of Russian S-400 a ‘done deal’, Turkey tells US
IV. Where to Draw the Line in the Eastern Mediterranean
V. Patrushev: The United States will have to answer if it creates “difficult days” in relations with the Russian Federation
VI. ‘Dangerous neighbor’ Russia is becoming ‘more and more authoritarian’ & NATO should ‘push back’, says EU Foreign Minister Borrell
VII. No ‘consensus’ at NATO on whether to support or oppose Germany-Russia Nord Stream 2 pipeline – US led bloc’s Stoltenberg
VIII. Moscow has no relations with EU as organization today, Lavrov says
IX. REFILE-U.S., EU to cooperate on China dialogue, Russia challenge -statement
X. Fact Check-Warnings of a third coronavirus wave in Britain are not suggestions that the vaccination campaign has failed
XI. Russia and China hit back at Western sanctions


I. ‘Seize the moment’ to recover and rebuild better, UN deputy chief urges Asia-Pacific nations
II. Guterres welcomes Saudi peace initiative to end fighting in Yemen
III. Human Rights Council strengthens rights office probe into Sri Lanka’s long civil war
IV. UN agencies call for urgent action to avert famine risk in 20 ‘hunger hotspots’
V. Pakistan highlights rising Islamophobia at UN event


I. SBP Weekly Data Report
II. State Bank of Pakistan decides to maintain policy rate at 7%
III. Pakistan reports 30pc growth in Islamic banking assets during FY2019-2020
IV. IMF approves $500 million disbursement to Pakistan
V. Digital transactions boom in Pakistan
VI. Pakistan, India vow to make ‘endeavours to resolve water issues’
VII. Govt raises Rs1.52tr through T-bills auction
VIII. What is Pakistan’s multipolar grand strategy?
IX. Pakistan’s focus shifting from geopolitics to geo-economics, Qureshi informs Hungary Dialogue
X. Pakistan’s regional exports slump 22pc
XI. The emerging inflationary spiral
XII. CAD shrinks 76pc to $50m in February
XIII. The Islamabad Security Dialogue: perspective and potential
XIV. Unique opportunity
XV. Should the State Bank of Pakistan be given greater autonomy?
XVI. Digital transformation to bring economic prosperity
XVII. Covid-19 compounds labour woes
XVIII. PITB launches incubators for tech startups in 9 cities of Punjab
XIX. Govt seeks property deals details to meet FATF criteria
XX. Oil prices drop $3 as demand concerns outweigh Suez disruption
XXI. Implementing the Miyawaki method in Lahore
XXII. Natural disasters occurring three times more often than 50 years ago: new FAO report
XXII. UN chief urges ‘clear and credible’ plans to achieve net zero
XXIII. Oceans under threat like never before, warns World Meteorological Organization
XXIV. Resiliency Is Necessary For The Internet To Survive Climate Change