I. DOJ says US ‘stands ready’ to try man who killed journalist Daniel Pearl in Pakistan
II. Biden Is Expected to Expand U.S.-India Relations While Stressing Human Rights
III. Will Pakistan’s Military Lose Its Grip on Power?
IV. How 2020 Shaped U.S.-China Relations team in Pakistan as calls grow for Afghan cease-fire
V. U.S.: Trump Vetoes Defense Spending Bill, Setting up Showdown With Congress
VI. The New China Scare
VII. Can the Military’s Layered Defenses Protect It From a Cyber Attack?


I. Brexit: Landmark UK-EU trade deal to be signed
II. UK, Turkey reach post-Brexit free trade agreement
III. Portugal officially assumes rotating presidency of EU
IV. Russia’s Military Is All In on Hypersonic Weapons
V. A New Path Forward for NATO and Russia
VI. Three geopolitical lessons of 2020


I. The Next Frontier: Human Development and the Anthropocene (UN Report)
II. The virus that shut down the world: Economic meltdown
III. The virus that shut down the world: The plight of refugees and migrants
IV. FROM THE FIELD: India’s pandemic of violence against women


I. SBP Weekly Data Report
II. Stocks close year 2020 at 30-month high
III. ‘IT exports to reach $5bn by 2023’
IV. December inflation eases to 8pc
V. Pakistan’s textile sector receives 6-mth export orders
VI. PM felicitates exporters on achieving 18% ‘record growth’
VII. Govt prepares to hold early census after clamour over last headcount
VIII. CCoP approves PSM privatisation structure
IX. Industry warns looming gas shortages could hamper exports
X. Trapped in a maze of cross-subsidies
XI. A people’s census
XII. Big ideas, bold moves
XIII. Supply chains choke as container shortage persists
XIV. COVID-19 shook, rattled and rolled the global economy in 2020
XV. Energy sector’s woes mount
XVI. Covid-hit tourism sector may recover in late 2021
XVII. Asian prices jump to six-year highs on record imports
XVIII. Why 2021 could be turning point for tackling climate change
XIX. The pandemic taught us how not to deal with climate change
XX. 2020 Was a Year of Climate Extremes. What Can We Expect in 2021?
XXI. 10 steamy signs in 2020 that climate change is speeding up
XXII. Climate change: Extreme weather causes huge losses in 2020