I. Pakistan says it has evidence of India sponsoring attacks
II. Report: The Elements of the China Challenge
III. NATO mulls its future in Afghanistan as US draws down troops
IV. Pakistan’s PM Khan in ‘historic’ first visit to Afghanistan
V. A Responsible Withdrawal from Afghanistan
VI. Trump Is Better’: In Asia, Pro-Democracy Forces Worry About Biden
VII. ‘Mercenary’ donor sold access for millions in foreign money
VIII. India Leases 2 Maritime Surveillance Drones From US: Report
IX. Scott Morrison’s new vision for Australia accepts the old global order is changing


I. Germany’s Undiplomatic Threat To Russia Triggered Harsh Rebukes From Moscow
II. Russia says more than 100,000 people already vaccinated against COVID-19
III. Putin says opposing forces in Belarus need to resolve crisis via talks
IV. Construction of Nagorno-Karabakh ceasefire monitoring centre has begun – Turkey
V. Russia’s Rosneft may buy huge oil field in Arctic from its ex-chief, source says
VI. Japan protests against Russian missile deployment on disputed islands
VII. NATO says ‘intimidating’ Russia BIGGEST threat to bloc till at least 2030 – plans to send warships to Black Sea
VIII. Russian diplomatic staff injured in IED bombing in Afghan capital Kabul – Foreign Ministry
IX. Pakistan’s Participation in SCO Council of Heads of Government Meeting
X. In a Blow to India, Pakistan Gets Russia to Invest in Country’s Major Pipeline Project
XI. Russian View on Killing of Iranian Scientists
XII. SCO Secretariat takes part in an international seminar, The COVID-19 Pandemic: The Global Economy’s Symptoms and Treatment
XIII. EU extends a hand (or two) to Joe Biden
XIV. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s telephone conversation with Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Luigi Di Maio
XV. European Union and ASEAN to form strategic partnership: Germany


I. COVID-19 threatens global progress against malaria, warns UN health agency
II. The race to zero emissions, and why the world depends on it
III. UN says Sudan needs $150m to help Ethiopian refugees
IV. UN warns law enforcement against using ‘big data’ to discriminate
V. James Swan: Has the UN failed Somalia?


I. SBP Weekly Data Report
II. Stocks roar past 42,000-level
III. Exports rise 7.2pc to $2.15bn, says Razak
IV. UN seeks $35bn to help vulnerable, including $285m for Pakistan
V. Textile Policy 2020-25 likely to be unveiled this week
VI. China acknowledges major progress in CPEC infrastructure, energy projects
VII. PBS: Inflation eases to 8.3pc in November
VIII. Britain sees vast trade opportunities in Pakistan
IX. Form-E condition for exports up to $5,000 goes
X. Rs38bn cross-border optic fibre project under CPEC cleared
XI. Consultation with stakeholders on proposed Pak-Afghan PTA starts
XII. Deteriorating agri sector can undermine optimism
XIII. The food challenge
XIV. Global Humanitarian Overview 2021
XV. Oil falls as OPEC+ resumes talks after impasse on output cut
XVI. Pakistan project wins award for shielding villages from natural disasters
XVII. Lahore third-most polluted city in the world in latest ranking
XVIII. Prince Charles, PM Imran Khan discuss coronavirus, climate change in phone call
XIX. UN chief denounces ‘suicidal’ failure to tackle climate change
XX. ‘We Don’t Have To Live This Way’: Doctors Call For Climate Action
XXI. Climate change: Temperature analysis shows UN goals ‘within reach’
XXII. More than carbon: securing clean water by protecting forests
XXIII. Cut fossil fuels production to ward off ‘catastrophic’ warming: UN-backed report