1. No specific reaction to Pakistan-TTP talks, says US
2. Pakistan Reaches Cease-Fire with Resurgent Taliban Militants
3. Pakistan Set to Host US, China, Russia, Taliban to Discuss Afghan Crisis
4. Will Imran Khan Grant the US Access to Pakistani Airspace Again?
5. Outside looking in: After Afghanistan, U.S. scrambles for bases in central Asia
6. US, Pakistan engaged in positive dialogue: Moeed Yusuf
7. IMF attitude influenced by US: Pasha
8. In a Region in Strife, India’s Moral High Ground Erodes
9. Congressional Record Vol. 167, No. 194 PDF at:
10. UN chief welcomes China-US pledge to cooperate on climate action
11. Salaries for Afghanistan health workers sends ‘message of hope’ to millions
12. Beyond Recovery: Towards 2030
13. Landmine casualties ‘exceptionally high’, Syria and Afghanistan worst-hit      


1. Russia, China, Pakistan, US urge Taliban to observe international obligations
2. US special envoy for Afghanistan to visit Moscow on November 15 – Russia Diplomat
3. Russia objects against practice of adopting hasty resolutions by UNGA – diplomat
4. Over 18 million people starving in Afghanistan – Russian security chief
5. Russia, US energy ministries discuss stabilization of global oil market
6. COP26: Climate negotiations enter final day as differences remain
7. US warns EU that Russia could invade Ukraine – reports
8. Germans launch fundraiser to rescue stranded Afghans
9. Special forces hid evidence of Afghan killings


1. SBP Weekly Data Report
2. Over $2.41bn in deposits obtained through Roshan Digital Accounts raised for forex reserves
3. Sovereignty vs autonomy
4. ITFC gives $761m to Pakistan for energy imports
5. Rupee depreciates, gold shines
6. SBP autonomy issue stretches ambiguity over IMF programme
7. Pakistan, Iran set $5bn trade target by 2023
8. Pakistan pays top dollar for LNG to avoid crisis
9. New Strategic Trade Policy Framework approved
10. Fiscal deficit drops to 0.8pc of GDP in first quarter
11. Eight sectors record double-digit growth in exports
12. Foreign investors ask Pakistan to deregulate energy chain
13. Oil prices plunge into close, roiled by inflation fears
14. COP26: Global greenwash or progress to keep 1.5C goal alive?
15. Analysis: Carbon superpowers: U.S.-China deal seen as symbolic but not sufficient
16. While negotiators wrangle at COP26, South Asia chokes in toxic air
17. Climate change: A growth imperative in Pakistan