1. Biden’s Afghan Pullout Is a Victory for Pakistan. But at What Cost?
2. Rocky US-Pakistan Ties Scrutinized as Foreign Troops Set to Exit Afghanistan
3. Five things to watch as the U.S. prepares to exit Afghanistan
4. Transcript: General Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr., Commander, U.S. Central Command, Press Briefing
5. Preparing for Heightened Tensions between China and India
6. U.S.-Israel tensions build as Iran talk’s progress
7. Defense Secretary Austin orders aircraft carrier and bombers to guard U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan
8. Rocky US-Pakistan Ties Scrutinized as Foreign Troops Set to Exit Afghanistan
9. What does Biden’s foreign policy mean for the world?–ZL84UZIUYE/index.html


1. US Rewards for Justice Program violates basic human rights, says Russian diplomat
2. West turns OPCW into tool of pressure on unwanted countries – Russia’s envoy
3. British name enormous carrier strike group heading for the Indo-Pacific
4. Situation around Open Skies Treaty developing towards its collapse – Russian diplomat
5. European Parliament suggests halting gas purchases from Russia in case of war with Ukraine
6. In Russia, 9,284 cases of coronavirus infection were detected per day. This is the maximum since April 17
7. Germany announced its intention to quickly put Nord Stream 2 into operation
8. Bishkek reports shootout between Kyrgyz, Tajik military servicemen on the border
9. The first S-400 regiment will arrive in India by the end of the year
10. European Union warns of ‘long, hard period’ in Russia ties
11. European Parliament ratifies post-Brexit trade deal
12. German foreign minister arrives in Pakistan on official visit
13. Russia sends over 22 tonnes of medical supplies to help India battle COVID-19 wave
14. France to unveil anti-terrorism bill days after attack against police officer


1. Prioritize people and planet, UN chief urges Asian and Pacific nations
2. ECOSOC chief calls for financial support for small island developing states
3. UN chief stresses ‘clear and urgent need’ for concrete multilateral solutions
4. SDGs will address ‘three planetary crises’ harming life on Earth


1. SBP Weekly Data Report
2. Fiscal deficit at 3.5pc of GDP in eight months of current fiscal
3. Pakistan’s regional exports down by 5.7pc
4. ADB projects 2% economic growth rate for FY2020-21
5. Pakistan has only three weeks of wheat stocks left
6. The prospects of a Pakistan-Tajikistan strategic partnership
7. SBP revises current account deficit
8. Pakistan Mercantile Exchange can be a solution to the recurring sugar crisis
9. Govt introduces Rs1.24tn stimulus package for SMEs to shield against insolvency
10. Khewra salt set to be registered with international trade bodies
11. Current account shows $959m surplus for first nine months
12. IT exports soar 58% during March 2021
13. Circular debt to remain over Rs1.1tr by 2023
14. Gold imports decline by 48.10%
16. Roshan Digital Accounts receive $1bln in seven months
17. Govt’s historic initiative of Kisan Card to transform agri sector
18. Pakistan, Japan sign $367m debt relief pacts
19. Pakistan, Azerbaijan to hold business forum
20. April may record inflation in double digits
21. Wheat growers in middleman trap as Sindh drags feet on procurement
22. Australia Vetoes Victoria’s Belt and Road Deal With China
23. Oil prices extend gains as bullish demand outlook outweighs India concerns
24. Climate change: World’s glaciers melting at a faster pace
25. Reversing warming quickly could prevent worst climate change effects: Study
26. Climate change adaptation key to region’s survival
27. PM Imran Khan, Bill Gates talk about climate change, polio eradication and COVID-19
28. Panellists on IWMI dialogue discuss how Pakistan can achieve food, water and food security
29. CM Aide Met With Secretary Food Security
30. Govt constitutes NCC on agri transformation