Ø  US Congressman Sherman writes to Blinken about ‘political victimisation’ in Pakistan

Ø  Pakistan is making a mistake in ignoring the US for China

Ø  Leaker of U.S. secret documents worked on military base, friend says

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Ø  International system crucial to countering threat of weapons diversion, Security Council hears

Ø  Tensions mount in Middle East as UN reiterates need for ‘maximum restraint’

Ø  A Rocky Recovery – April 2023

Ø  Afghanistan: UN forced to make ‘appalling choice’ following ban on women nationals

Ø  ‘The world cannot abandon the people’: Top humanitarian official in Afghanistan

Ø  Bilawal appreciates UN role in Pakistan

Ø  Pakistan abstains from voting on Ukraine resolution

Ø  Israel signs $400m deal to sell anti-tank missiles to Greece

Ø  TCG Anadolu: Türkiye’s largest warship and world’s first drone carrier

Ø  Biden arrives in Northern Ireland to mark 1998 peace deal anniversary

Ø  ‘No indication’ Egypt is giving lethal weapons to Russia against Ukraine

Ø  IMF forecasts growth in eurozone, expects light recession for Germany

Ø  Thousands of junior doctors from across UK kick off four-day strike

Ø  Latest leak suggests US spying on UN chief Guterres over Russia

Ø  US and UK announce new sanctions targeting Russian ultra-wealthy

Ø  India says Ukraine seeking medical, war recovery assistance

Ø  ‘The exam was stopped 7 times’: Foreign students angry at being forced to return to Ukraine for test

Ø  Germany foreign minister embarks on post-Macron ‘damage control’ in China trip

Ø  Norway expels 15 Russian ‘intelligence officers’ from embassy

Ø  Russia says Black Sea grain deal may be nearly over

Ø  Germany allows Poland to export old fighter jets to Ukraine

Ø  SBP Weekly Data ReportØ  $6 billion financing plan remains elusive

Ø  IMF cuts Pakistan’s GDP growth rate to 0.5% for FY23

Ø  Now or never

Ø  UAE gives financial pledge of $1bn to IMF for Pakistan: Dar

Ø  IMF chief ‘optimistic’ about Pakistan deal

Ø  Mounting debt triggers economic crisis: UN report

Ø  Pakistan in breach of all fiscal targets

Ø  Remittances fall to $20.5bn

Ø  Understanding bank run, consequences for economy

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Ø  Climate change: Fossil fuel emissions from electricity set to fall – report

Ø  World food prices fall for 12th month in a row