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Ø  Unprecedented global challenges are ‘not insurmountable’ – UN chief

Ø  Afghanistan: UNHCR alarm over forced refugee returns from Tajikistan

Ø  Israeli suppression of Palestinian rights organizations ‘illegal and unacceptable’


Ø  Serb official visits Moscow, calls sanctions EU ‘hysteria’
Ø  EU hopes for quick US response to Iran nuclear deal

Ø  India to send medicines to Ukraine as humanitarian assistance

Ø  IAEA may visit Zaporozhye nuke plant in late August – early September – diplomat

Ø  UK & Norway to donate $9.2 million worth of drones to Ukraine

Ø  British PM Johnson promised Kyiv $63.5 million in aid, including 2,000 drones

Ø  Germany will limit the heating and lighting of public institutions

Ø  Eurozone economy index drops to its lowest level in 18 months

Ø  Europe facing its worst drought for 500 years: Study

Ø  Russia says its bombers patrolled over Sea of Japan: Reports

Ø  The Pentagon said that the supply of fighter jets to Ukraine is still being discussed

Ø  German FM Burbock acknowledged the “absolute shortage” of weapons and the threat to supplies to Ukraine

Ø  Politico: Macron & Scholz seek a diplomatic settlement in Ukraine

Ø  Scholz refused to supply Ukraine with weapons for attacks on Russian territory

Ø  Macron warns France needs to prepare for difficult time ahead

Ø  Biden announces nearly $3 bn in US military aid to Ukraine

Ø  Putin signs decree to increase the size of Russian armed forces

Ø  US warns of sanctions against Turkey over Russia ties

Ø  SBP Weekly Data Report
Ø  Pakistan to receive $1.17b from IMF within six days after board’s approval: SBP chief

Ø  Pakistan declares emergency in the face of calamitous floods

Ø  Export strategy for 10 priority sectors unveiled

Ø  Foreign currencies dry up, rupee continues to fall

Ø  Need to reform growth model

Ø  CAD shrinks 45pc in July

Ø  Floods to hit economic outlook

Ø  Expanding vulnerable population

Ø  SBP leaves policy rate unchanged at 15pc ‘to fight inflation’

Ø  Taxation or extraction?

Ø  Pandemic pushed back fight against poverty: ADB

Ø  Foreign investment dips 43pc in July

Ø  Rains take toll on cotton crop

Ø  Overlooked correlations of development

Ø  Oil prices edge up on signs of improving demand

Ø  High food insecurity poses threat

Ø  Missed targets of wheat and corruption

Ø  Pakistan floods have affected over 30 million people, climate change minister says

Ø  Balochistan, Sindh see ‘more rain than ever’ recorded

Ø  How climate change is fueling historic rainfalls