Ø  ‘Pakistan doesn’t have to choose between US and China’

Ø  A Political Crisis Is the Last Thing Pakistan Needs

Ø  U.S. announces $30 million in support for Pakistan flood response

Ø  Pakistan rejects allegations of US using its soil

Ø  Pakistan’s Ghosts Loom over Imran Khan

Ø  Here’s What Biden’s New National Security Strategy Should Say

Ø  After Pelosi’s Visit, Most of the Indo-Pacific Sides With Beijing

Ø  Russia and the U.S. are entering ‘dangerous and uncharted’ nuclear territory

Ø  The Senate Is Dropping the Ball on Middle East Air Defense

Ø  Report: U.S. Ground Forces in the Indo-Pacific: Background and Issues for Congress

Ø  Brief: Russian Military Actions at Ukraine’s Nuclear Power Plants United Nations Ukraine

Ø  Ukraine: IAEA experts arrive in Zaporizhzhia on mission to nuclear plant

Ø  More lifesaving grain shipments authorized to leave Ukraine

Ø  Pakistan: 2022 Monsoon Floods – Situation Report No. 03: As of 26 August 2022

Ø  Pakistan: $160 million UN emergency plan launched, as ‘monsoon on steroids’ continues

Ø  Report: Interconnected Disaster Risk

Ø  Pakistan: WHO warns of significant health risks as floods continue

Ø  Germany ready to all scenarious of Russian gas supplies suspension – Economy Minister

Ø  Japan plans longer-range missiles to counter China, Russia

Ø  Poland seeks $1.3 trillion in WW2 reparations from Germany

Ø  First Ukraine ship for Horn of Africa docks in Djibouti port – UN

Ø  Russia halts Nord Stream 1 gas flow to Europe again

Ø  Iran delivers European ‘peace initiative’ on Ukraine to Russia

Ø  EU toughens travel rules for Russian but issues no full visa ban

Ø  Russia starts massive war games with China and other ally states

Ø  UN team ‘not going anywhere’ after visiting Ukraine nuclear plant

Ø  ‘A big blow’: Mikhail Gorbachev died shocked by Ukraine war

Ø  Foreign Ministers of Russia and Ukraine will be invited to the UN Security Council meeting on September 22

Ø  More than 1.67 million tons of food was exported from Ukrainian ports in August

Ø  G7 countries may approve price caps on Russian oil on September 02

Ø  Germany’s north-south divide flares up over energy crisis

Ø  Pakistan signs Green Framework engagement agreement with Denmark

Ø  Foreign Minister receives telephone from Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs of the French Republic

Ø  SBP Weekly Data Report

Ø  Inflation breaks all records, hits 27.3%

Ø  Pakistan’s trade deficit narrows by 27% in August

Ø  Floods inflict $10bn losses across Pakistan

Ø  Govt mulls taking another IMF loan for floods

Ø  SBP fears major damage to economy

Ø  ADB to help govt attract investment in infrastructure

Ø  Floods Inflation is a tough nut

Ø  High food, petrol prices can trigger protests in Pakistan, warns IMF

Ø  Monsoon devastation hits crops, may affect economic outlook

Ø  Price hikes spread food insecurity fears

Ø  ICT White Paper launched

Ø  Nowhere to turn amidst devastation

Ø  Rains take toll on cotton crop

Ø  Overlooked correlations of development

Ø  Oil slides 3% as China lockdowns stoke demand fears

Ø  Focus shifting to renewables to meet national energy demand

Ø  9,000MW solar energy planned

Ø  Irreparable damage to cotton crop

Ø  Fresh flood swamps what previous deluge spared

Ø  Pakistan floods only the tip of ‘climate change iceberg’

Ø  Pakistan emits less than 1% of the world’s planet-warming gases. It’s now drowning

Ø  U.N. chief calls Pakistan floods a ‘climate catastrophe’

Ø  Costs of climate change far surpass government estimates, study says