Ø  China or US: Can Pakistan Use Preventive Diplomacy To Its Advantage?

Ø  One Year Later, Pakistan’s Taliban Rule Hopes Put in Check

Ø  US helping KP develop its health, education sectors: envoy

Ø  China blocks UN sanctions on Pakistani extremist leader

Ø  Two weeks of chaos: A timeline of the U.S. pullout of Afghanistan

Ø  At 75, India’s Kashmir challenge shifts foreign policy focus

Ø  The Taliban’s Dangerous Collision Course with the West

Ø  Ayman al-Zawahiri and the Taliban

Ø  Implications for Taiwan of the divergence in narratives on China’s future

Ø  US Secretary of State Blinken to visit Africa as tension with China and Russia intensifies

Ø  Report: Can China Take Taiwan? Why No One Really Knows

Ø  Report: Fifteenth Report of the Secretary-General on the Threat Posed By ISIL (Da’esh) To International Peace and Security and the Range Of United Nations Efforts In Support Of Member States in Countering the Threat

Ø  Fresh Israel-Palestinian Islamic Jihad truce prevents ‘full-scale war’

Ø  Ukraine grain export deal off to ‘a very good start’ – UN interim Coordinator



Ø  European fire-fighters rush to France’s aid as wild fires rage

Ø  India urges Russia, Ukraine to show restraint to ensure safety of Zaporozhye NPP

Ø  Russian embassy describes US freezing of Afghan assets as unacceptable

Ø  Russia rejects Swiss plan to act as a go-between with Ukraine

Ø  UN expects ‘big uptick’ in ships wanting to export Ukraine grain

Ø  China says the US is the ‘main instigator’ of the war in Ukraine

Ø  G7 urges Russia to return control of nuclear plant to Ukraine

Ø  Russian oil transit halted via Druzhba pipeline to central Europe

Ø  Russia suspends inspections of strategic arms under US treaty

Ø  US announces fresh military and financial aid for Ukraine

Ø  Ambassador of Italy called on PM of Pakistan

Ø  EU Ambassador calls on Finance Minister of Pakistan

Ø  FS briefing to heads of the resident OIC, P5 & EU missions on Youm-e-Istehsal (August 05)

Ø  Minister of State chairs the meeting of National FATF Coordination Committee



Ø  SBP Weekly Data Report

Ø  Pakistan receives letter of intent from IMF, inches closer to sealing bailout deal

Ø  SBP, govt did not directly intervene to bring dollar down, says finance minister

Ø  Rupee jumps, reserves fall below $8bn

Ø  Pakistan, EU discuss GSP Plus status

Ø  Trade deficit with neighbours widens in FY22

Ø  A set of solutions for chronic problems

Ø  Default risk falls sharply

Ø  The peril of imports

Ø  UK leader calls for reforming IMF after harsh Pakistan conditions

Ø  Untapped promise of IT sector

Ø  A glass half full approach to devaluation

Ø  Economy poised to rebound

Ø  Pakistan Housing Finance: Is there a Business Case for Financial Institutions?

Ø  Monetary policy: Chasing vs targeting inflation

Ø  Striving for economic unity

Ø  Oil settles up as IEA hikes 2022 demand growth forecast

Ø  Record 9m tonnes of rice production expected

Ø  Govt plans 14,000MW solar power through incentives

Ø  Brand-driven agri growth needed

Ø  Food security information system in works

Ø  Pakistan has potential to generate energy, say experts

Ø  Pakistan struggles to rebuild after deadly flash floods

Ø  Climate discourse

Ø  The cost of climate change on economic growth

Ø  Climate change and extreme heat are making us more anxious