Ø  Pakistan expresses ‘disappointment’ after US adds country to religious freedom list

Ø  US to take action if terrorists regroup in Afghanistan

Ø  US designates members of Pakistan armed groups as ‘terrorists’

Ø  Five Key Issues Facing Pakistan’s New Army Chief

Ø  Rejuvenating the Sustainable Development Goals through shared action

Ø  U.S. State Department Releases 2021 Report on International Religious Freedom

Ø  Iraq: Investigative team reaches ‘next level’ in bid to bring ISIL terrorists to justice

Ø  Developing countries face ‘impossible trade-off’ on debt: UNCTAD chief

Ø  ‘Without nature, we have nothing’: UN chief sounds alarm at key UN biodiversity event

Ø  Afghanistan: First public execution since Taliban takeover, ‘deeply disturbing’ says UN rights office


Ø  Russia EU requests WTO panels over trade disputes with China

Ø  EU backs Croatia’s entry into Schengen, rejects Bulgaria, Romania

Ø  India signals it will continue to buy oil from Russia

Ø  Ukrainians face emergency blackouts after Russian missile attacks

Ø  Belarus to move troops, equipment amid Ukrainian fears of attack

Ø  Turkey seeks proof of insurance from Russian oil tankers

Ø  Russia could be fighting in Ukraine for a long time: Putin

Ø  How the alleged right-wing terrorists wanted to recruit more soldiers and police officers

Ø  Ukraine goes on offensive in the South

Ø  Ukrainian refugees report cases of exploitation in Europe

Ø  Poland to seal Kaliningrad border

Ø  US and EU reach stalemate on green subsidies

Ø  UK approves controversial new coal mine, sparking criticism

Ø  Merkel defends decisions on Russian energy

Ø  Bangladesh’s RAB receive foreign intelligence training in the EU

Ø  Russia ready for dialogue with US only on equal basis – Russian embassy

Ø  Hungary opposes another package of EU’s sanctions against Russia, newspaper reports

Ø  Italy, Japan and UK to merge projects for new fighter jet by 2035

Ø  Germany’s Scholz hopes EU’s anti-missile shield to be in place in five years

Ø  Russia and Ukraine enter grim winter campaign as war losses mount

Ø  NATO is increasingly involved in Ukrainian conflict – Russian MFA

Ø  EAEU summit kicks off in Bishkek

Ø  US to send Ukraine air defence aid worth $275 million

Ø  EU defence stockpiles almost empty despite increase in spending, Borrell warns

Ø  Finland considers arms export to Turkiye in return for NATO membership support


Ø  SBP Weekly Data Report

Ø  The narrow path

Ø  ‘Pakistan’s debt repayments on track’, SBP chief on depleting forex reserves

Ø  What we need to grow

Ø  ‘Pakistan to be 6th top economy by 2075’

Ø  Loan projections shared with IMF

Ø  Foreign banks threaten to pull out if forced to implement interest-free regime, Senate panel told

Ø  Business confidence nosedives

Ø  Monetary policy is not the best tool

Ø  16% rate to trigger hard landing

Ø  Baffling inflation

Ø  Continuing in the economic quagmire

Ø  No signs of economic relief

Ø  ‘Debt restructuring is inevitable’

Ø  With $225m in blocked airline funds, Pakistan among top three on IATA’s list

Ø  Oil bounces on pipeline shutdown, but heads for weekly loss on demand woes

Ø  Cost to the climate

Ø  Sustainability is the only way forward

Ø  Ignoring undernutrition

Ø  Islamic finance for climate

Ø  Which countries are ‘particularly vulnerable’ to climate change?