Ø  US, Pakistan officials fear looming food crisis is ‘real concern’

Ø  U.S. arms left in Afghanistan are turning up in a different conflict

Ø  Pakistan to seek relief from US on Iran gas sanctions

Ø  Pakistan expects no US interference in Russia ties

Ø  In Beijing, Blinken Seeks to Stabilize Ties

Ø  China’s Indo-Pacific Folly

Ø  There Will Be a One-State Solution

Ø  To Help Afghanistan, Engage Its Political Opposition

Ø  For Israelis and Palestinians, a Tragic Spiral Reemerges

Ø  The Persistent Threat of Nuclear Crises Among China, India and Pakistan

Ø  The Middle East, North Africa, and Afghanistan: Selected Issues for the 118th Congress

Ø  Is Beijing Creating a New Sino-Russian World Order? The Russian Invasion of Ukraine Might Change Beijing’s Calculus for Taiwan and the United States

Ø  Guterres strongly condemns attack at Jerusalem synagogue which left at least seven Israelis dead

Ø  Global growth will be weak in 2023 before rebounding next year: IMF

Ø  Afghanistan: Humanitarians await guidelines on women’s role in aid operations

Ø  EU’s top brass prepares for summit with Zelenskyy in Kyiv

Ø  UK not ruling out sending fighter jets to Ukraine

Ø  Germany says goodbye to Ukraine-bound tanks

Ø  US readying new $2bn Ukraine weapons package: Report

Ø  Russia claims village near embattled Ukrainian city of Bakhmut

Ø  NATO chief Stoltenberg calls for stronger partnership with Japan

Ø  Croatian president slams Western arms to Ukraine

Ø  Iran summons Ukraine’s envoy over drone attack comments

Ø  Finland to stick with Sweden in NATO bid

Ø  Germany’s Scholz denounces ‘bidding war’ over jets for Ukraine

Ø  North Korea denies arming Russia’s Wagner group

Ø  Serbia to maintain ‘military neutrality’, president says

Ø  Police ban planned Quran burning protest in Norway

Ø  British workers unite in largest strike in a generation

Ø  NATO accuses Russia of non-implementation of START

Ø  West has no right to claim moral leadership – Lavrov

Ø  Chinese-Russian relations not built on confrontation with third countries, diplomat says

Ø  Russia has no plans of returning to Council of Europe – Deputy FM

Ø  EU intends to impose new anti-Russian sanctions by special operation’s anniversary

Ø  SBP Weekly Data Report

Ø  Foreign loan inflows slow down

Ø  Pakistan moves toward deal-or-default endgame

Ø  IMF package is no panacea, reforms needed, experts say

Ø  Debt servicing may surge to whopping Rs5.2tr

Ø  Exports, remittances to stay lower

Ø  Exports decline for fourth consecutive month

Ø  Pakistan’s debt-to-GDP ratio in a danger zone of 70%

Ø  Ahead of crucial talks, IMF spots Rs2tr breach in Pakistan’s budgetary estimates

Ø  IMF bailout vital to meet external obligations

Ø  ‘Economic growth to contract by 0.3%’

Ø  Ten steps to survive dollar-driven depreciation

Ø  Young professionals flee crisis-hit Pakistan in search of jobs

Ø  Post-default Pakistan: a scenario

Ø  Per person debt jumps by 21%

Ø  Poverty of thought

Ø  Underprivileged and underutilised economists

Ø  Oil slumps on economic data, stronger U.S. dollar

Ø  Dirty politics behind SDGs

Ø  Agriculture: Food security through climate-smart agriculture

Ø  Reimagining Women and Climate Change in South Asia

Ø  Can Pakistan break cycle of destruction in flood rebuilding?

Ø  Water crises due to climate change: More severe than previously thought

Ø  Climate change: WMO unveils plans for sustainable monitoring of greenhouse gases