Ø  Influential US senator assures Pakistan of engagement to bolster bilateral
Ø  Pakistan Navy’s ‘Made in China’ Warships Are Failing To Fire Missiles;
US Security Expert Decodes The Flaw
Ø  Pakistan’s foreign policy reset hits a dead end
Ø  U.S. Special Representative Syed Strengthens U.S.-Pakistan Economic Ties and Support For Entrepreneurship
Ø  India and the United States: Two Countries That Can’t Live With Each
Other or Without Each Other
Ø  Biden Should Welcome the Middle East’s New Player: India
Ø  India’s Gamble in Afghanistan
Ø  Pakistan seeks UN action on supply chain shocks
Ø  Guterres hails ‘critical step forward’ on resuming Ukraine grain exports
Ø  Report: 25 Years of Children And Armed Conflict: Taking Action To Protect
Children InWar
Ø  Report: World Population Prospects 2022

Ø  Report: Sri Lanka Situation Report
Ø  Report: The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2022
Ø  Report: Rethinking risks in times of COVID-19
Ø  France’s PM survives No-confidence vote in parliament
Ø  Amid Russia-Ukraine war, Putin to visit Iran for Syria talks
Ø  BBC probe suggests Afghanistan war crimes by UK special forces
Ø  German official says nuclear would do little to solve gas issue
Ø  Six candidates still in race to replace UK PM Boris Johnson
Ø  Euro drops below $1 for the first time since 2002
Ø  Hungary declares ‘energy emergency’ over threat of fuel shortages
Ø  At G20 talks, West urges Russia to unblock Ukraine’s grain ports
Ø  Nord Stream 1 pipeline shuts down amid German suspicion of Russia
Ø  Ukraine summons Canadian envoy over turbine return to Germany
Ø  UN hails progress over grain exports
Ø  Ukraine cuts North Korea ties over recognition of separatist regions
Ø  EU says Russian rail transport to Kaliningrad not banned
Ø  Brazil to buy as much as possible energy resources from Russia – FM
Ø  First Russian train with India-bound cargo arrives in Iran – Minister
Ø  Gas prices in Europe above $1900 per 1000 cubic meters – ICE data
Ø  Moscow hopes Saudis refrain from steps aimed against Russia
Ø  The BRICS announced the possible entry of Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia
Ø  Iran plans to supply Russia with combat drones, US warns
Ø  25th anniversary of the NATO-Russia Founding Act
Ø  SBP Weekly Data Report
Ø  IMF says staff-level agreement reached with Pakistan for release of $1.17bn loan tranche
Ø  Monetary policy: SBP jacks up interest rate to 15% — highest since November 2008
Ø  Accelerating financial inclusion
Ø  Private sector borrowing hits record
Ø  Growth in micro-loan disbursals flatlines
Ø  An IMF-directed decision
Ø  The dreaded inflation numbers
Ø  Govt fails to appoint SBP governor
Ø  IMF loan most effective solution
Ø  Structural reforms hamstrung by stagnant productivity
Ø  Soaring inflation pushed 71m into poverty: UN
Ø  Global outlook has ‘darkened significantly’: IMF
Ø  Power sector’s blackhole
Ø  The Russian price Pakistan is paying
Ø  CPEC a model for energy scenario
Ø  Oil prices rise ahead of potential large U.S. rate hike
Ø  The limited blessing of monsoons
Ø  With rains, crop outlook improves
Ø  Satellites to be used to manage solid waste
Ø  Govt eyes solar power as solution to electricity crisis
Ø  Unprepared for climate change
Ø  Conflicts, climate change: Pakistan calls for emergency plan to help crises-hit developing countries